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Stranger Things is the Netflix television series created by the Duffer brothers, which plunges us into a world of horrific science fiction inspired in particular by the novels of Stephen King.

The plot begins in the 80s in the heart of the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. Four young boys Mike, Will, Dustin and Lucas play at one of their "Dungeon and Dragons" parties. Night falls and each boy goes home on his bike. The next day, Will's alarming disappearance is reported to the police...

From that point on, many extraordinary phenomena will occur at Hawkins. More and more people mysteriously disappear and all leads seem to lead the chief of police, Jim Hopper, to the Hawkins National Laboratory directly run by the CIA. What experiments are really being conducted there?

At the same time, a little girl appears in town. Endowed with telekinetic ability, she seems to have information about Will's disappearance and becomes the hope for her friends to find him. But they are far from suspecting the risks they are taking in their search for him.

The Stranger Things figurines are a nice tribute to the Netflix series. We find the main characters, dressed in outfits and costumes from emblematic scenes throughout the seasons. Funko hasn't left out the terrifying creatures of the world from the reverse side either, representing them in all their forms.

If you've ever shuddered at episodes of Stranger Things, you're going to love the POP figurines featuring the characters!

All the Stranger Things POP figures

🔎 Filter POP by character:

Character POP
POP Jane Ives (Eleven) 17 figures
POP Dustin Henderson 10 figures
POP Will Byers 7 figures
POP Steve Harrington 7 figures
POP Demogorgon 6 figures
POP Jim Hopper 6 figures
POP Mike Wheeler 4 figures
POP Joyce Byers 4 figures
POP Lucas Sinclair 3 figures
POP Max Mayfield 3 figures
POP Billy Hargrove 2 figures
POP Bob Newby 2 figures
POP Robin Buckley 2 figures
POP Barbara Holland 2 figures
POP Scott Clarke 2 figures
POP Dart 2 figures
POP Erica Sinclair 1 figure
POP Alexei 1 figure
POP Suzie 1 figure
POP Jonathan Byers 1 figure
POP Nancy Wheeler 1 figure
POP Martin Brenner 1 figure

Franchise of Funko POP Stranger Things

POP collection Stranger Things has 91 figures 🎉. The first figurine of the collection came out in January 2017, it was the one of Mr. Clarke (SDCC) while the last figurine put on sale by Funko for this series is Dustin with vest (Blacklight) (which came out in September 2021). This franchise, under the licence of Netflix includes chase figures 💎. Please note that this franchise does not have multipack (several action figures sold together).

On the price side, the most expensive Stranger Things POP 💰 (according to our estimation) is Max with Halloween costume, estimated at 103.00$. On the other side, the cheapest POP action figure of Stranger Things 🤑, estimated at 5.00$ is Lucas Sinclair with binoculars.

The latest FUNKO news related to POP Stranger Things 📢

23 September 2021

The first Black Light Stranger Things’ POP

Announcement Coming Soon

The first Black Light Stranger Things’ POP

To make fans wait for the release of season 4, Funko unveils 3 new POPs of Stranger Things. They are taken from the previous episodes (so they don't give any hint of the future season...) but Funko innovates by declining them in black light, an effect that fits perfectly with the (sometimes) eerie atmosphere of the Netflix series!The events of Stranger Things take place in the small town of Hawkins where strange phenomena, which seem to be related to the laboratory, occur without the knowledge o...

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05 October 2019

NYCC 2019 POPs distributed in France

Announcement Event

NYCC 2019 POPs distributed in France

Some exlcusive POPs from the NYCC 2019 will be distributed in France, Funko has revealed the following list:Nick Fury's 80th anniversary POP Marvel at Gamestop...POP Harry Potter de Filch with Mrs Norris at CarrefourPOP of the Killer Clowns from elsewhere at GamestopPOP Borderlands by Butt Stallion at GamestopPOP Rick & Morty de Rick the shrimp at FNACPOP Marvel (also special 80th anniversary) by Captain Mar-Vell at CarrefourPOP Stranger Things by Suzie at GamestopPOP Game of Thrones from Missan...

#nycc2019 #popfrance #exclusivités #newpops #comingsoon

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