Are you going to opt for a Funko POP advent calendar? Every year, these calendars are a big hit with fans, who appreciate the Pocket versions of the figurines. The most popular licenses are featured, and 24 little POP figurines are hidden in the calendars, so you can build up quite a collection!

This year, Funko will be offering just three calendars. And for the first time in years, there's no Harry Potter calendar... Fortunately, those from previous years are still available if you want them (see the table at the bottom of this article for the full list).

What do you think are the three licenses selected for this year's Funko POP 2023 Advent calendars? Find out below!

Pokémon Advent Calendar 2023

The license remains one of Funko's heavyweights, and this is only the second time the brand has offered a Pokémon calendar (the first being for 2021). This new edition will certainly be an opportunity to discover the latest figurines released by the brand in Pocket POP, and we know there's been a lot, since the Funko POP Pokémon collection now includes no less than 90 figurines, including a host of Evee evolutions!

On the front visual provided by Funko, you can see Evee, but also 3 other Pokémon: Pikachu (in the angry version), Lucario and Charizard. On the other hand (and at the risk of spoiling things a little), the back of the box reveals the 24 Pokémon in the calendar. Admittedly, this helps to ensure which Pocket POPs you'll get, but it spoils the surprise a little...

Without giving the full list, just one thing about the full content of this Pokémon calendar: it's very varied, and will allow you to collect 24 different creatures (no duplicates). So it's the ideal calendar if you want to build up a fine collection. Another important piece of information: there are very few duplicates with the 2021 calendar, so it's perfect if you took it two years ago (or if you want to take both this year!).

Advent Calendar Funko POP Pokémon 2023
Reference70937 / 889698709378
Number of figures inside24 figures
Type of figuresPocket POP (around 4cm – 1,5’’)
DisponibilitéNovember 2023
Selling Pricebetween $50 and $70

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DC Super Heroes 2023 Advent Calendar

This is the first time that Funko has offered an Advent calendar dedicated to DC superheroes. There was one for Marvel heroes last year, and it seems that Funko hasn't chosen sides and is determined to please fans of both licenses!

For this calendar, Funko seems to be relying on Christmas versions of the figurines, which is perfectly in keeping with the theme. So, even if the visuals on the box only show a few of the Pocket POPs in the calendar, we can guess that these are the sets in which the heroes wore Christmas outfits (released in 2020) or the "gingerbread" versions that were unveiled at Christmas last year.

Other surprises are to be expected in this calendar to fill the 24 slots, but given what we know and see, we can already say that there will be a fine line-up of superheroes (Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Flash, etc.) but probably also the iconic super villains like the Joker or the Penguin.

Advent Calendar Funko POP DC 2023
Reference73077 / 889698730778
Number of figures inside24 figures
Type of figuresPocket POP (around 4cm – 1,5’’)
DisponibilitéNovember 2023
Selling Pricebetween $50 and $70

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Five Nights at Freddy's 2023 Advent Calendar

This is the second time that Funko has released an FNAF advent calendar (the first was in 2021), proving that the license is working well and that fans of the game are snapping up the little figurines featuring the characters.

A special feature for FNAF fans is that the calendar contains ONLY brand-new figurines. In other words, these Pocket POPs don't (yet) exist in a classic version. It's a great opportunity to add new figurines to your collection. The surprise is all the greater given that the visuals unveiled by Funko only give a glimpse of four of the figurines contained in the 24 boxes of the FNAF 2023 calendar...

So which of Freddy, Ella, Bonnie, Foxy, Stanley, Theodore, Wolf,... will you find behind each of the little boxes? It's up to you to find out!

Advent Calendar Funko POP FNAF 2023
Reference72480 / 889698724807
Number of figures inside24 figures
Type of figuresPocket POP (around 4cm – 1,5’’)
DisponibilitéNovember 2023
Selling Pricebetween $50 and $70

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