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Edward Scissorhands is a masterpiece by Tim Burton released in 1990 that tells the story of a young man, Edward, who has scissors and blades instead of hands. Created by an inventor, Edward has a brain to think and a heart to love, but his creator didn't have time to transplant his hands before his death ...

Edward lives secluded in a castle overlooking a small town until the day when one of the inhabitants, a home beauty saleswoman, dares to come knocking at the castle's door. Tinka Gobbs then meets Edward, and with compassion, offers him to come and live at her home with her family.

In spite of the differences, Edward quickly evolves from a curiosity to a small celebrity. Turning his disability into talent, he uses his knives and blades to serve the entire neighborhood by trimming bushes, grooming animals and even the most sought-after barber in the small community!

Secretly in love with Kim Boggs, the daughter of his foster family, his life is turned upside down when he is provoked by her boyfriend. Considered an outcast and a fairground beast, Edward is forced to hide in his castle again, no longer alive when the memory of Kim comes back to him every Christmas when the snow falls, remembering the ice flakes that flew the night Edward carved a beautiful ice statue in the Boggs' garden.

Funko pays homage to this masterpiece of cinema with a collection of figurines mainly featuring Edward, recalling various scenes from the film. Of course, we find Edward in his black jumpsuit, but also dressed in clothes borrowed from the father of the family and far too big for him! There is also a magnificent POP Deluxe where Edward poses in the Boggs' garden, in front of the bush he has just carved into the shape of a dinosaur!

Finally, the only other Edward Scissorhands’ character to have his POP is Kim Boggs, the girl Edward is madly in love with.

All the Edward Scissorhands POP figures

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Character POP
POP Edward Scissorhands 7 figures
POP Kim Boggs 1 figure
POP The inventor 1 figure

Franchise of Funko POP Edward Scissorhands

POP collection Edward Scissorhands has 9 figures 🎉. The first figurine of the collection came out in August 2013, it was the one of Edward Scissorhands while the last figurine put on sale by Funko for this series is Edward with kabobs (which came out in August 2020). This franchise, under the licence of 20th Century Fox doesn't include (yet) any chase figure. Please note that this franchise does not have multipack (several action figures sold together).

On the price side, the most expensive Edward Scissorhands POP 💰 (according to our estimation) is Edward Scissorhands, estimated at 65.00$. On the other side, the cheapest POP action figure of Edward Scissorhands 🤑, estimated at 12.00$ is Edward Scissorhands.

The latest FUNKO news related to POP Edward Scissorhands 📢

20 August 2020

Two new POP from Edward Scissorshands

Announcement Coming Soon

Two new POP from Edward Scissorshands

A few months ago, Funko revealed the first Edward Scissorshands POP from Tim Burton's 1990 film. They have been obviously well received by the fans since Funko has just revealed two new POPs!The first one is again a figure of the main character, Edward. While Funko had already presented 5 POP of Edward in different poses and with different props reminiscent of the scenes from the movie, we find this time a POP figure where Edward uses his knives as skewers for the barbecue organized to celebrate...

#edwardscissorhands #edwardauxmainsdargent #timburton #funkopop #comingsoon

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22 May 2020

Funko celebrates Halloween in May with Funkoween

Announcement Coming Soon Event

All the 2020 Funkoween POP

From the 18th to the 22nd of May, Funko celebrates its Funkoween: POP figurines declined on the Halloween theme, in short : scary POP! The announcements are numerous and concern different lines and licences, which will delight a lot of fans... Back on all the announcements.Many horror movies (It, Friday the 13th, Killer Clowns, Child's Play,...) have their scariest characters in Halloween POP!, but this year also has some nice surprises with for example a collection of figures from the genius Ti...

#funkoween #disneypop #timburton #edwardscissorhands #halloween #thehauntedmansion #newpops #comingsoon

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19 May 2020

From POP Edward Scissorhands

Announcement Coming Soon

POP Figures from Edward Scissorhands

On the occasion of Funkoween, Funko has just revealed figurines featuring Tim Burton's 1990 masterpiece Edward Scissorhands. Telling the story of Edward, a young man created by a genius inventor whose hands are equipped with scissors and who will experience the harsh reality of integration among men.Starring Johnny Depp in the role of Edward, Burton has made one of the greatest films by returning to difficult themes such as exclusion, conformism and confrontation with others.Funko makes up for t...

#edwardscissorhands #timburton #edward #funkoween #funkopop #newpops #comingsoon

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