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Published on 01 April 2024 by Denis

Hunter x Hunter's Phantom Troupe comes to Funko POP

Anime fans, and Hunter x Hunter fans in particular, are in for a treat, as Funko has announced a flood of new POP figures for 2024, featuring ONLY new characters!

Fans who have followed the perilous and heartwarming adventures of Gon and Killua will appreciate the new POP figures from the anime and will be able to add to their collection, which is now approaching 40 Funko POP figures from Hunter x Hunter.

8 New Hunter x Hunter POP figures

The complexity of the Hunter x Hunter story and its many characters offer unlimited possibilities for Funko to create new POP figures, much to the delight of fans.

For this announcement, there are 8 figurines and ONLY characters that have never been popified before:

  • POP #1564 of Shizuku with Blinky
  • POP #1565 of Pakunoda
  • POP #1566 of Feitan
  • POP #1567 of Machi
  • POP #1568 of Nobunaga
  • POP #1569 of Phinks
  • POP #1570 of Shalnark
  • POP #1571 of Feitan (Pain Packer)

As you can imagine, Funko has "popified" a good part of the Phantom Troupe, much to our delight. This group of thieves, identifiable by their spider-shaped tattoos, was particularly prominent in the York Shin City arc.

The POPs are very well done, and each figure is a miniature tribute to the deep character development and captivating twists and turns of Hunter X Hunter.

Hunter x Hunter redefined anime history

Hunter x Hunter stands out for much more than its splendid animation and captivating plot. This anime revolutionized the shōnen genre by avoiding the usual clichés and exploring deep themes with subtlety.

At its heart, Hunter x Hunter is a tale of growth and evolution, both for its characters and its audience. Unlike simplistic stories of good versus evil, the series presents a world where choices have tangible repercussions.

Gon, the protagonist, embodies this quest for identity in a complex, ambiguous world. His decisions are not clear-cut in black and white, but reflect the reality of moral dilemmas.

The series tackles mature subjects and often resolves conflicts through dialogue rather than violence, breaking with shōnen conventions.

This approach encourages viewers to think deeply about the issues raised, offering an immersive and intellectually stimulating experience.

Hunter x Hunter's influence extends beyond its own borders, inspiring a new generation of shōnen anime such as My Hero Academia and Jujutsu Kaisen. These series adopt its complex themes and character dynamics, although they sometimes struggle to match its balance of gravity and lightness.

Hunter x Hunter redefined the standards of shōnen, leaving an indelible mark on the anime industry and influencing the design of contemporary series. His legacy is an essential milestone in the genre's evolution.

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