All the McDonald's POP figures

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Character POP
POP McNugget 8 figures
POP Ronald McDonald 6 figures
POP Meal Squad 3 figures
POP Fry Guy 2 figures
POP Grimace 2 figures
POP Hamburglar 2 figures
POP Birdie 1 figure
POP Captain Crook 1 figure
POP Cowboy Nugget 1 figure
POP Fireman Nugget 1 figure
POP Mayor McCheese 1 figure
POP Officer Mac 1 figure
POP Rockstar Nugget 1 figure
POP Scuba Nugget 1 figure
POP Speedee 1 figure

Franchise of Funko POP McDonald's

POP collection McDonald's has 34 figures 🎉. The first figurine of the collection came out in August 2020, it was the one of Officer Mac while the last figurine put on sale by Funko for this series is Holiday Grimace (which came out in October 2023). This franchise, under the licence of McDonald's Corporation doesn't include (yet) any chase figure. Please note that this franchise does not have multipack (several action figures sold together).

On the price side, the most expensive McDonald's POP 💰 (according to our estimation) is Officer Mac, Grimace, Ronald McDonald, Hamburglar & Mayor McCheese, estimated at 105.00$. On the other side, the cheapest POP action figure of McDonald's 🤑, estimated at 10.00$ is Hamburglar.

The latest FUNKO news related to POP McDonald's 📢

07 October 2021

All the announcements of the Virtual Con NYCC 2021 (Fall Convention)

Announcement Coming Soon Event

All the announcements of the Virtual Con NYCC 2021 (Fall Convention)

Funko has kept the New York Comic Con date by offering an online convention where fans will be able to rush on the POPs exclusive to the event. Like every year, these are real nuggets that will become the centerpieces of some of our collections with the bonus of the coveted sticker...Nevertheless, this year, the announcements are quite limited with (only) about twenty NYCC Virtual Con 2021 POPs... Consolation prize: some of them are particularly successful, and the announcements cover many POP c...

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20 July 2021

All the announcements of the Funkon Summer 2021

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All the announcements of the Funkon Summer 2021

Funkon Summer 2021 is the convention that replaces the San Diego Comic Con, postponed to next year because of the Covid-19 epidemic. Nevertheless, Funko has decided to maintain an "online" event with many POP reveals, including some very nice surprises.In total, no less than 45 POPs were unveiled by Funko during the Funkon 2021! Many collections have benefited from new POPs with the great classics such as the Marvel or DC POPs, the Disney POPs or of course Star Wars.Back on all the announcements...

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