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Published on 07 October 2021 by William

All the announcements of the Virtual Con NYCC 2021 (Fall Convention)

All the announcements of the Virtual Con NYCC 2021 (Fall Convention)

Funko has kept the New York Comic Con date by offering an online convention where fans will be able to rush on the POPs exclusive to the event. Like every year, these are real nuggets that will become the centerpieces of some of our collections with the bonus of the coveted sticker...

Nevertheless, this year, the announcements are quite limited with (only) about twenty NYCC Virtual Con 2021 POPs... Consolation prize: some of them are particularly successful, and the announcements cover many POP categories to please the largest number of people. From Disney to Animation, passing by Marvel and Star Wars, let's go back in this article on all the announcements.

Let's start with the Disney announcements:

  • The POP of Yzma, the main antagonist in the animated film Emperor's New Groove where the witch is in the form of a purple cat;
  • A Deluxe POP of Arthur pulling the Excalibur sword from the rock, from the 1963 film The Sword in the Stone;
  • The Goofy figure from Disney's The Three Musketeers, which completes the trio since Funko already offered Mickey and Donald Duck POPs in the guise of the famous musketeers;
  • One of the must-haves since the character already has more than thirty POPs in his likeness: Stitch. For the occasion, Funko represented him with rollers and holds a drawing in his hand;
  • Finally, the last Disney announcement with the POP of one of the dolls of the attraction "It's A Small World". These dolls pay homage to their respective countries, and this time it is the Netherlands that are honored.

On the Marvel POP side, two announcements at NYCC Virtual Con 2021:

  • The very first POP of the (highly anticipated) Venom: Let There Be Carnage. The movie will be released at the end of the month and Funko has obviously reserved this first POP to Carnage... No doubt that other POPs will follow soon;
  • The second announcement is from X-Men with the POP of Polaris in a GITD version. Note that this is the very first time that Funko offers a POP of this mutant particularly recognizable by her green hair!

Concerning the POP! Animation, Funko has unveiled three nice surprises:

  • Two My Hero Academia POPs with Tsuyu Asui and All Might holding his umbrella;
  • A new Naruto POP of Jiraiya where we discover this time the ninja without his toad!
  • Finally, the last Animation announcement is reserved to Pokemon with Eevee which is declined in a Diamond Glitter POP.

The other announcements (in bulk) concern :

  • POP! Television: The Office figurine of Mose Schrute with the t-shirt on which is written "Fear";
  • POP! Broadway: A POP that completes the first set dedicated to the musical Hamilton and that is dedicated to the character of Lafayette;
  • POP! Retro Toys: Zodac's POP from Masters of the Universe;
  • POP! Movies: the Savant figure from the recent movie The Suicide Squad by James Gunn;
  • POP! Star Wars: a (new) POP of Boba Fett in the series The Mandalorian;
  • POP! Games: the Supersized POP of the five-headed dragon Tiamat from Dungeons & Dragons;
  • POP! Ad Icons: the POP of the little McNugget character from McDonald's where he can be found in a pumpkin costume for Halloween.

Finally, Funko did not omit the POPs of the "mascots" of the convention. We find:

  • The POP of Paulie Pigeon with his green t-shirt on which appears the logo of the New York Comic Con ;
  • The POP of Pizza Rat, the rat devouring a slice of pizza on which we can read the initials "NYCC".

Funko also revealed the list of retailers where you can find these exclusives. In the US :

  • Amazon : Goofy #1123, Savant #1154 and Lafayette #08 ;
  • Walmart : Boba Fett #478 and Carnage #926 ;
  • Hot Topic : Eevee (Diamond Glitter) #626, Jiraiya #1025 and Tsuyu Asui #374 ;
  • Toy Tokyo : Zodac #94 ;
  • Golden Arches Unlimited : Pumpkin McNugget #145 ;
  • Reed POP : Paulie Pigeon (NYCC Fall Convention 2021) #23 and Pizza Rat (NYCC Fall Convention 2021) #54 ;
  • Box Lunch : Stitch in Rollers with Drawing #1124 ;
  • Gamestop : Tiamat #846, Polaris #927, All Might #104 and Mose Schrute #1179 ;
  • Funko website : the Netherlands doll #1125 and Arthur #1103.

And finally in the UK :

  • MMV : Jiraiya #1025 and Savant #1154 ;
  • Primark : Carnage #926 ;
  • The Disney Store : Lafayette #08 ;
  • GAME : All Might #104, Mose Schrute #1179, Tiamat #846, Zodac #94 and Polaris #927 ;
  • Smyths Toys Superstores : Boba Fett #478 ;
  • Funko Europe website : the Netherlands doll #1125 and Arthur #1103.

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