POP action figure of Mac Starring as the Nightman #1052

Best friend of Charlie, although, like all the members of Paddy's Pub, the two of them multiply the low blows independently of the friendship they feel, Mac will obviously have been able to obtain a role of choice in the musical A Nightman Cometh. This musical, written by Charlie, tells the story of his childhood in an allegorical way, with a troll, a princess, and characters supposed to represent what we can assume is his Uncle Jack who came to see him at night when he was young.

Very dark but also very funny, the episode of the Nightman Cometh will remain legendary for the fans of the series. The musical has even benefited from a live theater adaptation with the original actors of the series.

Mac, short for Ronald MacDonald of his real name, became the figure of the antagonist in the musical. A role that he particularly loves and that he will interpret .... in his own way. Indeed, Mac is a big kid in his thirties. The fact that he takes himself seriously with each of his antics only makes him all the more amusing, in spite of himself, as always.

Thinking he's a pro at fighting - which he certainly isn't - he loves to show off his karate techniques... which he doesn't master. Also, since the Dayman's song includes the mention of "Master of Karate", Mac will feel obliged - because he wants to - to reinterpret the role in his own way. This, without telling Charlie, of course. Together with the other members of the Paddy's Gang, he will then contribute to sabotaging the musical in front of everyone, making it all the more hilarious.

The role of the Nightman - from which the title of the play A Nightman Cometh is taken - is supposed to represent the dark side that Charlie must have experienced in his early youth. In view of the context and a second reading, one comes to wonder if the role of the Nightman is not an allegorical figure of a molester. A few awkward and deliberately misinterpreted scenes tend to suggest that this musical is indeed based on a misappropriation of a minor. Particularly sleazy humor as only the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia series can write.

The Funko POP figure of Mac performing Nightman depicts him with all the ridiculous trappings that Mac wore on stage at the time. With an all-black karate dogi, his costume represents him as the antagonist of the play. Pushing the vice of the accessories very far, Mac will have made up in an excessive way. Indeed, the Funko POP of Mac playing Nightman has his eyes painted to resemble those of a cat, even wearing bright green lenses. This is most likely a reference to the musical Cat's.

Also, the POP figure of Mac playing Nightman, as you might expect, strikes a martial karateka pose. The character, in fact, will benefit from a final - and very poorly choreographed - fight scene where he is defeated by the Dayman. The figure of Mac playing Nightman then takes a grotesque karate pose as Mac is so used to do before being beaten.

Mac Starring as the Nightman dans sa boรฎte

Funko POP Mac Starring as the Nightman figure in its box

Mac Starring as the Nightman unboxed

Funko POP Mac Starring as the Nightman figure unboxed

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The action figure of Mac Starring as the Nightman, from the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia franchise is a POP which came out in September 2020.
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Action figure Mac Starring as the Nightman
Item box 1052
UPC Code 889698516228
Manufacturer Funko
Brand Funko POP!
Release date 09 September 2020
Size 10 cm / 3.75''
Franchise It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Character Mac
Licence 20th Century Fox
Category POP! Television
Status ๐Ÿ‘ Available

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