POP action figure of Dee Starring as the Princess #1051

Deandra Reynolds, also known as Dee and, more rarely, Sweet Dee, is the twin sister of Dennis Reynolds and the exploited waitress at Paddy's Pub. Being a failed actress but convinced she has talent - which she doesn't - she obviously jumped at the chance as soon as she heard about the musical Charlie was putting on. This one, for lack of better, will have been more or less forced to give her the role of the Princess in his play. A role which one will not be able to say that it is of composition.

And for good reason, Dee is far from being a charming princess. Over the seasons, she was originally a young girl full of energy, but she ended up being caught up in the darkness of the show. She will have gradually become devious, cruel, alcoholic and without any scruples, not hesitating to indulge in all the low blows and in all circumstances. Knowing that she is playing a virtuous princess, therefore, is very funny.

Originally, Charlie put on A Nightman Cometh so that he could seduce the waitress of another bar with whom he is in love and whom he relentlessly pursues like a pervert. The role of the Princess played by Sweet Dee, then, is supposed to represent the waitress in an allegorical way. A waitress who, too, by dint of frequenting the gang at Paddy's Pub, will have sunk into alcoholism, drugs before becoming homeless...

As one can expect, the musical will be abominably sabotaged by its actors. Dee, to be noticed by a producer, will obviously make a lot of money to the point of contributing to ruin his scenes of appearance. Scenes that are all the more embarrassing when she is supposed to kiss her brother at the end of the play as he plays Dayman. As usual with the Paddy's Pub Gang projects, all projects, even the virtuous ones - these being very rare - always end up in an atrocious hilarious screw-up.

The Funko POP figure of Dee as the Princess from Nightman Cometh is sparkling with bright colors. Unable to get proper costumes, the princess costume, also worn by the Funko POP of Dee playing the Princess looks extremely cheap. Indeed, it looks like a princess dress worn by a little girl.

Over made up as Dee was during the play, the figurine of Dee interpreting the Princess has on her face traces of vulgar makeup. On her head, she wears a plastic tiara while her dress, worthy of a Disney princess, displays pink everywhere to the point of being blinding. Of course, without enough money to buy the whole outfit, the Gang gave up buying shoes. Also, the POP figure of Dee playing the Princess will be playing her role with sneakers on her feet, making the scene even more ridiculous. But with characters like these and such mediocre performers, Charlie's musical - already poorly written - could only logically end in a climax of ridicule.

Dee Starring as the Princess dans sa boรฎte

Funko POP Dee Starring as the Princess figure in its box

Dee Starring as the Princess unboxed

Funko POP Dee Starring as the Princess figure unboxed

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The action figure of Dee Starring as the Princess, from the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia franchise is a POP which came out in September 2020.
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Action figure Dee Starring as the Princess
Item box 1051
UPC Code 889698516204
Manufacturer Funko
Brand Funko POP!
Release date 09 September 2020
Size 10 cm / 3.75''
Franchise It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Character Dee Reynolds
Licence 20th Century Fox
Category POP! Television
Status ๐Ÿ‘ Available

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