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02 April 2024
The all-new Funko POP Harry Potter (2024): 10 exceptional figures to complete your collection

Fans of the Harry Potter saga, rejoice with a new wave of Funko POPs featuring the magical universe of the world's most famous wizard.

With over 200 Harry Potter Funko POP figures, we're still wondering how Funko can surprise us? Well, looking at the figures unveiled, we can guarantee that it's still possible!

In fact, Funko has opted for original POPs featuring the characters in attitudes or clothing styles that instantly recall key moments in the saga.

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01 April 2024
Hunter x Hunter's Phantom Troupe comes to Funko POP

Anime fans, and Hunter x Hunter fans in particular, are in for a treat, as Funko has announced a flood of new POP figures for 2024, featuring ONLY new characters!

Fans who have followed the perilous and heartwarming adventures of Gon and Killua will appreciate the new POP figures from the anime and will be able to add to their collection, which is now approaching 40 Funko POP figures from Hunter x Hunter.

8 New Hunter x Hunter POP figures<...

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01 April 2024
Funko pays tribute to the star of the 2000s

Get ready for a throwback like never before with Funko's newest announcement: a Funko Pop! figure of singer Avril Lavigne from Sk8er Boi!

This Pop perfectly captures the punk-rock essence of Avril Lavigne's iconic hit, showcasing the singer's rebellious spirit and unique style. With its intricate design and a touch of nostalgia, it's like stepping back in time to the era of edgy fashion and rebel anthems.

Avril Lavigne's Fu...

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22 February 2024
Funko's tribute to this great rock band

For once, Funko is paying tribute to one of the greatest rock bands of all time with two exceptional POP figures.

If I say Freddie Mercury? We're talking Queen, of course! The group already had nearly fifteen POP figures in its effigy, but Funko is continuing to make announcements to the delight of fans.

For this announcement, two very different packs have been unveiled. Details below.

A multipack from t...

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21 February 2024
Funko POP news for One Piece (2024)

Funko continues to announce POP! Animation and continues to tackle the heavyweights of the field. For this latest announcement, Funko is once again turning its attention to One Piece by "popifying" new characters.

A total of 7 new POP figures have been unveiled to "inaugurate" POP 2024, but it's almost unimaginable that more won't be arriving soon...

Here's the full line-up for this announcement:

  • Carrot enters the scene with his contagious energy for POP #1588, wher...

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20 February 2024
Funko celebrates the 85th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz

Funko celebrates the 85th anniversary of this cinematic masterpiece with a dozen POPs from The Wizard of Oz. Among the announcements are some very nice surprises, with POPs available in a variety of variations.

While Funko already offered POPs based on the film, with the main characters already available, they were almost all released between 2011 and 2013... In other words, an eternity ago! Now, fans of this cinematic classic will be able to collect the characters in "new generation" ...

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Everything you need to know about POP! 🤩

A POP figurine, more commonly known as a POP, is a small figurine with the effigy of a character mainly from movies, TV series, anime or video games. The distinctive features of these Funko figurines are:

  • a vinyl material: the figurines are cast in vinyl in moulds specially designed in homage to the character represented ;
  • a big head on a small body : this is THE POP's distinctive sign where the head is accentuated and round, which gives an endearing effect to the character ;
  • a great sense of detail: each figurine stands in a remarkable posture, has one or more representative accessories, is dressed in clothes that make it recognizable at first glance, etc. Funko sometimes pushes the detail to such an extent that you will have to admire your figurine closely to pick out the small elements.

Initially Funko exploited the Star Wars, Marvel and DC Comics licenses before greatly expanding the licenses and categories of POPs to cope with the undeniable success of POPs with fans thrilled to be able to collect their favorite heroes and characters.

Funko operates licences mainly from the pop and geek worlds. These can be classified in the categories :

  • Animation where you can find the inevitable Japanese anime such as Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece or Pokemon for example;
  • Games with the figurines of the most played video games such as Fortnite, Overwatch, World of Warcraft or Minecraft and Street Fighter ;
  • Heroes which regroups all the super heroes, notably from the Marvel and DC Comics universes with for example Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Spiderman, the X-men and many others ;
  • Movies for the pleasure of Disney fans and all blockbusters from Jurassic Park to the Avengers, James Bond, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit;
  • Music where music stars in very wide registers make their show like the figures of Michael Jackson, Prince, Kurt Cobain, Freddie Mercury, Marilyn Manson, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey or Sir Elton John ;
  • Television in homage to TV series such as Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, La Casa de Papel, Big Bang Theory, Friends, etc.

The POPs come out of the only geek universe to offer figurines of our everyday life with notably the POP Sport (NFL players, football players, UFC champions,...), figurines with the effigy of celebrities (the English royal family for example) and living heroes or those representing advertising icons (yes, you can find the POP of the Coca Cola bear!).

The term "chase" can be translated as "search, hunt or stalk". So these are rare figurines designed to appeal to collectors who track these figurines in store! Indeed, POP Chases are hard to find and much rarer than their classic counterparts.

A chase figurine is designed in the same mold (or in a very close mold) as the original version but varies by an accessory, a color, a slight change of posture, etc... The POP therefore has a different finish that makes it unique and prized by collectors.

Not all figurines have their chase version and when it exists, Funko only distributes one chase box per box of 6 boxes to its resellers! Note that initially Chases were even rarer since the ratio was one chase on 36 miniatures, compared to 6 today...

If the chases were designed as nuggets to be found among the boxes of figurines by spotting the famous "Chase" sticker on the front of the box, the flip side of the coin is that POP Chases are ultimately offered at higher prices and are much more subject to speculation.

Funko offers special series of figurines to make a wink to the characters or to make the figurines even more attractive. While most of the special figurines exist in classic version, some may be exclusive items produced only in this version.

There are different types of special POPs:

  • The "featured" POPs which have specific qualities: the "bloody" are the figurines that make blood appear, the "booble head" have their head wobbly, the chrome is metallic, the color-variant exists in different colors, the flocked have a soft texture, the glow in the dark shine in the night or the wrinkles are figurines accompanied by a vehicle! There are about fifteen features, you can find the list of all the special POP here.
  • Exclusive" POPs are figurines designed exclusively for a merchant or event. They are therefore rarer, or even only distributed in a very short time. This is the case of the figurines offered at the Comic Con in New York or San Diego for example.
  • Chase POPs are the most sought-after versions of a miniature. You can refer to the question above for more details on Chases.
  • The "multipack" is a box that contains several figurines. They are often figures grouped together, but sometimes some are only available in multipack versions. These POPs are usually meant to be together, and multipacks are generally very popular with collectors who are delighted to see several figurines joining their collection.
  • Supersized POPs are figurines of a larger size than the classic versions. They are usually 15cm high and pay a special tribute to the character represented in "supersized".
  • "Movie moments" are special figurines reproducing a cult scene from a film. The figurine(s) is (are) represented in a posture that immediately reminds one of the film and therefore delights the fans. To support the movie moment effect, these figures usually have a scenic element in addition to the figurines.

Particular items are easily identifiable, either because the figurine itself is visually very different, or thanks to a sticker on the front of the box.

The vast majority of POPs are a little less than ten centimeters (3.5 inches), this varies in particular to maintain consistency between figurines of the same collection but the POP box is always the same size.

For the greatest pleasure of fans and collectors, there are a few figurines that deviate from the rule:

  • supersized POPs: these are variants of existing figurines and come in a giant size from the top of their 15cm, almost double the size of the classic version.
  • POP! Rides: these are the "transported" figures. The figurine is found in its vehicle, which makes the POP more imposing, all the more so as the vehicles are varied according to the figurine: car like the Jurassic Park car, plane, truck, or even dragon for the POP Game of Thrones.
  • POP! Movie Moment: these POPs are generally of standard size but are represented in a decor reminiscent, as their name indicates, of a scene from the movie. Thus the "whole" figure is larger or wider than a single figure.

Funko distributes POPs worldwide to resellers, which are the merchants from whom you will be able to buy the famous POPs. In France, there are 3 main ways to buy new POPs :

  • the big retailers: whether they are generalists, cultural or specialized in video games, the big retailers now have all the Funko POPs on their shelves. You can easily find them at Target, Tesco, Walmart, etc.
  • small specialist shops: these are the shops of enthusiasts. Here you will find selected POPs and can count on the good advice of the sales staff. It's also a simple way to exchange on the next arrivals of figurines and to pre-reserve your figurines before their release.
  • e-commerce sites (specialized or generalist): you will find POP figurines in all e-commerce sites (Amazon, etc. ...), and on all online stores that are the extension of the store.

Please note: the POP craze is such that some merchants offer an original marketing formula with a subscription box! Each month, you receive your box and the joy of discovering the POP surprises you receive.

Do you want to buy second-hand figurines? There may be many good reasons to turn to the second-hand market or to the sale between individuals to acquire the much sought-after figurine: POP vaulted, new figurine too expensive, figurine difficult to find in stores, exclusivity linked to another market than France or Europe, etc... In this case, you can take a look at platforms such as Ebay for example. If you want to buy a second hand POP, be careful on several points:

  • the price: check that it is consistent with the side of the figurine in question. To do this, you can refer to the price indication on each figurine referenced on our site;
  • fake POP: some POPs have been victims of their success and there are fake POPs or counterfeit POPs. To be on the safe side, take a look at the details of the POP and compare it with the picture of the figurine (also for the box!). Every detail is important and fake POPs are usually coarser, sometimes even with approximate colors .
  • the method of payment and delivery: like any purchase on these platforms, it is better to be careful with suspicious requests. A few simple reflexes: take a look at the seller's notices if there are any, see if he sells other figurines, ask for photos to see the condition, use the linking tools provided by the platforms (for message exchanges and payment for example).

Although Funko figurines are sold worldwide, some POPs are not marketed in all countries. This is the case of the "exclusive" figurines since they are only attached to a reseller or an event. For example, Walmart figurines are only distributed in stores where the chain is present (and therefore mainly in the United States), or figurines sold at Comic Con each year.

A POP may also be voluntarily produced for a particular region of the world, for example POPs Asia that are only distributed on the Asian market.

To obtain these figurines, you must turn to the sellers officiating in the countries in question. Attention, delivery times can be long and you will unfortunately have to pay customs duties in addition to the price of your figurine (s) ...

If you can't find a figurine in your country, here are our recommendations:

  • Check on the main e-commerce sites such as Amazon or Ebay ;
  • Take a look at the European e-merchants, especially in the UK (as the main European importer of Funko is based in England, it's easier to get some figurines there);
  • Buy directly on e-commerce sites in the U.S., Australia and Asia to easily get the figurines despite delivery times and customs fees...

The price of a POP figurine is between ten to fifteen euros for most of the so-called "classic" figurines, but prices change a lot depending on the figurines, and for the same figurine as well!

The price of a POP is generally set according to the following two criteria:

  • the particularities of the POP: if it is a booble-head, color-variant, flocked, supersized figure for example, but also if it is a "multipack" box (several figures in a single box) or "movie moment" (the figure(s) represented in a scene in the film, generally with a set element);
  • the rarity of the figurine: some figurines are produced and distributed in smaller quantities or through an exclusive reseller. This makes the POP harder to find, and naturally increases its price. The figurines considered the rarest will be the exclusive POPs and the POP chase.

It is also important to mention the case of "vaulted" figurines. These are POPs for which Funko has stopped production. Once the stocks of classic retailers (general stores, small specialty shops or online sales sites) are exhausted, it will only be possible to find vaulted figurines on the second-hand market and for sale between individuals... Depending on the success of the POP, its price can quickly rise and its price can go through the roof!

Note: POP figurines are collectors items and the Funko brand plays a lot on the exclusive and chase side to animate the collectors' craze. Unfortunately, the counterpart is the speculation that there can be around POP... Some people buy rare figurines with the sole purpose to resell them at a higher price later. As the price of figurines is subject to the same hazards of supply and demand, this speculation often makes prices explode...

Do you often hear about Freddy Funko and see the craze for this mysterious character? Freddy is not the founder of Funko, nor is he a character from the pop and geek universe. He is one of the first figurines launched by Funko (in booble head version) which gradually became the mascot of the brand. Freddy represents a young man with red hair and freckles on his cheeks, most of the time smiling and reminding of a geek/timid side in his white shirt and his sky blue bow tie.

Funko unveils in a very exceptional way (often during Comic Con or events around a movie or a game whose success explodes) Freddy figurines with the mascot's effigy. These figurines are reputed to be very rare and particularly coveted by POP collectors, making them naturally quite expensive... Freddy's POPs usually start at several tens of euros and the price of some of them even reach a few thousand euros!

Freddy is often depicted in an outfit that pays tribute to a hero. For example, you can see him as Aladdin's genius, under the Joker's make-up or even. The mascot also makes nods to our daily lives when you see Freddy as a police officer with a coffee in his hand, a geeky Freddy holding his little POP! sign, or a Freedy as Colonel Sanders of KFC.

Funko is the brand that designs many toys related to the geek universe. Created in 1998 by Mike Becker, then sold in 2005 to Brian Mariotti who will continue the development of the company until 2016 when Funko will finally be bought by the investment company ACON. ACON has since kept the teams in place and Funko is still managed by Brian Mariotti.

The Funko brand, driven by the POP! craze, is now very famous for its little big-headed figurines. But the company manufactures many other ranges of figurines and toys in the same universe: key rings, plush, stickers, leather goods accessories and even more recently exclusive Funko cereals!

As far as POP figures are concerned, it is in 2011 that they are launched by Funko. They will be widely popularized thanks to strong licenses, notably with the first Marvel, Star Wars, DC Comics and Disney figurines! The success of POPs will no longer be denied when stars will pose on social networks alongside the figurines in their effigy.