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Published on 02 April 2024 by William

The all-new Funko POP Harry Potter (2024): 10 exceptional figures to complete your collection

Fans of the Harry Potter saga, rejoice with a new wave of Funko POPs featuring the magical universe of the world's most famous wizard.

With over 200 Harry Potter Funko POP figures, we're still wondering how Funko can surprise us? Well, looking at the figures unveiled, we can guarantee that it's still possible!

In fact, Funko has opted for original POPs featuring the characters in attitudes or clothing styles that instantly recall key moments in the saga.

10 new Harry Potter POP figures to kick off 2024

Let's start this announcement with the star trio of the saga: Harry, Hermione and Ron, who are back in Funko POP with figures immortalizing certain scenes:

  • // Harry riding the Nimbus 2000 with his goggles, Gryffindor robes and arm outstretched as he reaches for the Golden Snitch.
  • Ron in his pyjamas, his plaited cap on his head and holding a sweet in the palm of his hand. The details of the pyjamas (particularly ugly) are very accurate.
  • Hermione with, for the very first time in Funko POP, her cat Pattenrond purring in her arms.

Funko also offers us a POP of Draco Malfoy with his arm broken by Hippogriff during a lesson given by Hagrid, which will lead to a dramatic outcome for the fantastic creature... The POP is also very faithful, with the young man's dark eyes, his jacket with the Slytherin coat of arms, his right arm with the bandage and his family's signet ring on his finger.

Another superb advert features a POP of Remus Lupin holding the Marauder's Map that Remus had used when he was younger to sneak out of Hogwarts with the help of James Potter, Sirius Black and the man who would betray them, Peter Pettigrow... Once again, Funko has taken great care with the details, including the unmistakable scratches on Remus Lupin's face.

Beware: a new character from the saga makes his Funko POP debut. It's not a Hogwarts student, nor one of the teachers, but... Stan "Shunpike", the Knight Bus controller, looking eccentric in his purple suit. POP adds a splash of color to your collection!

Hagrid also returns in a POP to match, a 15cm-high Supersized POP. The endearing Hogwarts guard and teacher is back in the ceremonial costume Hagrid wore to the Christmas Ball. From the yellow tie to the striped suit, Hagrid is all dressed up to seduce the headmistress of Beauxbatons.

Let's stay on the Hogwarts professors' side with a POP featuring its emblematic principal. This new figure is a rather classic Dumbledore, represented in a Deluxe POP immortalizing the scene where Albus Dumbledore welcomes the various schools that will be competing in the Three Wizards Tournament. Funko has depicted him standing on the stage, in front of a large chandelier whose base is a golden owl.

A very nice surprise is a POP Rides showing Harry riding Buck the Hippogriff. The POP is sublime, with a "hair in the wind" effect for Harry, whose astonished look expresses his surprise at flying over this strange animal!

Finally, the last announcement is just as spectacular: a POP Poster. It's not a poster from one of the films in the saga, but a poster from the films themselves: the wanted poster issued by the Ministry of Justice to find Sirius Black! As with all POP! Poster, the poster appears in the background, with the POP of Sirius Black in his prison garb posing in front of the poster.

Funko POP's star saga

With over 200 POP Funko POP Harry Potter, the saga is one of the major licenses in POP figurine collections. Funko continues to ride the wave, renewing itself without distorting the universe created by JK Rowling.

For this announcement, fans will particularly appreciate the Sirius Black version in a POP Poster that fits in perfectly with the wanted poster for the wizard who managed to escape from Azkaban!

Funko POP Harry Potter's impressive "figures" include:

  • Over 200 figures in all
  • 5 Funko Harry Potter advent calendars (2018 to 2022)
  • 36 figurines featuring Harry alone (one of the most popular characters in all licenses)
  • Almost sixty different characters available in POP!

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