It's THE announcement: the release of brand new Funko POP figures called "Bitty POP! Just like POP Soda, POP Keychains, etc. Funko expands its range by offering collectors a new way to satisfy their passions.

All you need to know about Funko Bitty POP

The Bitty POP! were unveiled at the London Toy Fair 2023 and this article goes into detail on everything you need to know about these new figures and the first licenses that will be available in the coming weeks.

Smaller POP figures

These are the smallest POP figures ever created by the brand! Measuring 2.5 cm high (less than 1 inch), they are 3 times smaller than the "normal" POP figures. In other words, they are really VERY VERY small. In this format, Funko had to make choices to make the details of the POPs visible enough and they are naturally a bit "bigger" than their big sisters...

Bitty POP Funko size

The Bitty POPs are presented (like the classic POPs) in boxes with a graphic charter associated with the collection / the set presented. The Bitty POP versions are all reproductions of existing figurines, so they display the same number as the original POP.

As they are very small, Funko proposes them by "series" of 4 Bitty POP! This is a row of 4 figures, which are all stored in a rectangular transparent acrylic box allowing to display the 4 figures on a single row. Note: it is still possible to take a POP out of this storage box (to reorganize / build up your own row) just as it is possible to take the figure out of its numbered cardboard box to present it on its own.

Finally, Bitty POP! collections will be launched by "batch" of 16 figures, i.e. 4 rows of 4 figures. Once the whole collection is assembled, Funko has thought of everything since the acrylic boxes fit together to obtain a perfect presentation. This is one of the main interests of these new figures: to be able to present a complete set of 16 figures without having to mobilize a huge shelf!

Complete set Harry Potter Bitty POP

How the Mystery POPs work

If the Bitty POP! are always sold by 4 figures, one of the great particularities is that only 3 POP are "visible", the fourth is a "mystery" figure. For each collection, Funko reveals which are the mystery figures and the probability to get them, but it is impossible to know which one you will get when you buy it!

Each "set" contains 4 mystery Bitty POP! and you will have more or less chance to get them. It seems that the rule is quite "fixed" but maybe Funko will make it evolve in time but for the moment you have :

  • 1 chance on 3 for two mystery Bitty POP!
  • 1 chance on 6 for the two others

You might as well say that on the 16 figures in total, two of them will be a little more difficult to get...

What are the specificities of Bitty POP!

Apart from their reduced size, the Bitty POP! figures remain the most faithful "reproductions" of the existing Funko POP! However, we can notice some particularities:

  • Details are a little less precise, due to the very small size of these figures, despite the fact that Funko does its best to present costumes, accessories, etc. which make the figures even more faithful to their characters;
  • Each Bitty POP! figure rests on a transparent base to ensure perfect stability. The base itself is a square base that holds the "box" (numbered box) securely when the little figure is stored in it;
  • The POP boxes are made of plastic and have only 5 sides, the sixth one being the base of the figurine which clips perfectly on it. Also, the back of the POP boxes usually shows the complete POP series with the visuals of the other figurines. In the case of Bitty POP! the box is also too small and Funko opted for the only mention of the name of the character presented with the logo of the collection and a background with the theme;
  • Finally, Funko necessarily proposes a slightly different logo, simply showing the words "Bitty POP!
Bitty POP acrylic boxes

Where to buy Bitty POP!

Bitty POP! figures are available on the Funko Shop :

For each "collection", Funko offers 4 "series". Each one contains 4 figures including one mystery figure, and Funko has a fixed price of 16€ ($15) per set. If you want the complete collection (and hopefully the mystery POPs), it will cost 64€ ($60) to get all 16 Bitty POP! in each set.

The price per unit is about the same as when you buy a classic POP, the main advantage is that the budget to collect the complete collection will be much lower since the Bitty POP! are sold by 4!

These figures are not exclusive to Funko Shop, you can find them at partner retailers starting with Amazon.

The first two Bitty POP! collections

The first two Bitty POP! collections are already available. They are the Harry Potter collection and a Disney set of Mickey and friends.

Bitty POP! Harry Potter

Concerning the Bitty POP! Harry Potter, we find of course the main characters with the trio Harry, Hermione and Ron, but also some teachers and of course some bad guys starting with Lord Voldemort...

Bitty POP Harry Potter

Funko offers 4 series (soberly numbered from 1 to 4) and the 4 mystery Bitty POP! are :

  • Hedwig with 1 chance on 6 ;
  • Harry and his broom with 1 chance on 6 ;
  • Fumseck with a 1 in 3 chance;
  • Snape with a 1 in 3 chance.
Harry POP Mystery Bitty POP probabilities

Bitty POP! Disney Mickey Mouse

On the Disney Studios side, Funko started out by tackling the iconic characters from the universe created by Walt Disney, but it's a safe bet that we'll see more recent animated movies and Disney princesses land in Bitty POP!

Bitty POP Disney Mickey Mouse

The first set of 16 figurines gathers Mickey, Minnie and some of their acolytes like Donald and Daisy, Tic and Tac or Dingo and Pluto. The 4 "mystery" POPs are 4 figurines featuring Mickey recalling great moments / Disney movies:

  • Mickey Mouse Band Concert with 1 chance out of 6 ;
  • Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie with 1 chance on 6 ;
  • Mickey Mouse Conductor with 1 chance out of 3;
  • Mickey Mouse Brave Little Tailor with a 1 in 3 chance.
Mickey Mouse Bitty POP Mystery probabilities

What are the next licenses in Bitty POP?

It's hard to predict what the next licenses will be, but a trend is emerging: it's the "big" licenses (at least twenty figures) and the most popular ones that seem to be selected for the Bitty POP!

So we can quickly think of licenses like Star Wars, DC, Marvel for the big ones, but also One Piece (the collection of One Piece POPs has been greatly enlarged recently), My Hero Academia or Naruto. Finally, it's a bit less certain, but maybe POP Television could also be declined in miniature format like The Simpsons, Stranger Things or The Office.

Nothing is certain, but a lead comes from the side of the licenses already exploited in the form of advent calendars by Funko, as it is the case for Harry Potter and Disney. Indeed, Funko has already worked on Pocket versions of these POPs as part of the Advent calendars and we imagine that it is therefore quite easy for them to continue towards Bitty POP! We can even imagine that Funko will take some of the Pocket POPs from the advent calendars to propose special Christmas Bitty POP! sets...

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