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Published on 19 January 2024 by William

The first two POPs for the Echo series

It's the new Marvel mini-series airing on Disney+, and it's already causing quite a stir! Away from debates about wokism and the like, we're going to focus on Funko's announcement, since as with every mini-series so far, it looks like Funko is about to unveil two POPs per episode!

Of course, depending on the success of the series, Funko will be offering more or fewer POPs, as with Loki, who literally exploded the counters with no less than thirty figures... For Echo, Funko is currently focusing on the "classic", and we can therefore expect around ten POP figures in the end, given that the series is divided into 5 episodes.

Echo: the first Marvel Spotlight series

Retracing the story and journey of Maya Lopez aka Echo, Marvel is banking on a superheroine with a difficult history, but also on a character with a disability since she's deaf and a leg amputee.

Played by Native American actress Alaqua Cox (who, for those wondering, really is deaf and an amputee), Maya Lopez leads a dark quest for vengeance against heavyweight supervillains like Kingpin and Wilson Fisk...

Importantly for Marvel, the Echo series inaugurates a new label called "Marvel Spotlight", which promises darker series, but also signals to viewers that it's not at all necessary to have seen the MCU to follow the story (although I think it's still interesting to have an overview of how each story fits in with the others...).

The first two POPs for two key characters

For the first two POPs, there's no fuss as Funko gets straight to the point with a POP of Maya Lopez aka Echo, the series' main character, and Kingpin, the series' main antagonist.

Let's start with the Echo POP (Funko POP #1335), featuring Maya in a Native American-inspired outfit reminiscent of the character's origins. The figure is faithful to the features of actress Alaqua Cox, and the character's posture on the POP pays tribute to her fighting skills, recalling her mastery of several martial arts.

So Kingpin, Matt Murdock's sworn enemy, is... not dead! And he's back even stronger (and meaner?) in the Echo series, with a father/daughter conflict not unlike that between Thanos and Gamorra... Once again, we discover a POP very faithful to the character played by Vincent d'Onofrio, with his shaved head, imposing physique and a few details that Funko couldn't ignore, such as his gouged eye.

Funko loves Marvel mini-series

Moon Knight, Hawkeye, WandaVision, Loki, She-Hulk, Daredevil,... are all mini-series that delve into the history of Marvel superheroes to the delight of fans. Funko is always on hand to offer POP figures from the series, giving us the chance to collect our favorite characters in costumes, at ages and sometimes even in parallel universes different from those found in the MCU films.

For each mini-series, Funko has taken the habit of unveiling two POPs with each new episode, creating a rendezvous with fans. Of course, the success of the POP sets depends above all on the success of the series, and while some have been less successful (like She-Hulk or Ms Marvel), others have literally boosted the popularity of characters like Wanda or Loki.

Unlike the other Marvel mini-series broadcast on Disney+, all episodes of the Echo series are already available (probably because the latest series have not been as successful as hoped, and a new strategy offering Netflix-style binge watching is being tested), but it seems that Funko has opted for weekly POP announcements.

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