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Published on 23 September 2021 by Lola

The first Black Light Stranger Things’ POP

To make fans wait for the release of season 4, Funko unveils 3 new POPs of Stranger Things. They are taken from the previous episodes (so they don't give any hint of the future season...) but Funko innovates by declining them in black light, an effect that fits perfectly with the (sometimes) eerie atmosphere of the Netflix series!

The events of Stranger Things take place in the small town of Hawkins where strange phenomena, which seem to be related to the laboratory, occur without the knowledge of the population. We follow a group of friends led by Mike Wheeler, who must investigate to find one of their friends who has mysteriously disappeared. This investigation will lead them from strange events to perilous missions, but they will be able to count on the support of a strong ally: Eleven, raised in Hawkins' laboratory and who has exceptional psychic powers...

With these 3 new Blacklight POPs, Funko makes a nice nod to the previous seasons as we discover figures from different moments of the series. The first one is Dustin who just came back from his summer camp at the beginning of season 3. He still wears the cap with the effigy of the camp and holds in his hand a "hammer flashlight" that he made in order to infiltrate the evacuation ducts of the Starcourt mall.

The second POP features the central character from season 1: Eleven. It is also from season 3 when Eleven discovers shopping, trained by Max to take her mind off their respective boyfriends Mike and Lucas. Funko represented Eleven with her nice shorts, an outfit that is different from her usual wardrobe...

Finally, the last Blacklight POP of Stranger Things is the effigy of the Demogorgon, the great villain of the very first season of the series. He is the predator who "escaped" from the parallel world and who terrorizes the small town of Hawkins. Funko has re-released the original version of the monster with his mouth open, revealing the many spikes on his "petals".

The Blacklight "Shining under the black light" is very successful because this effect gives an artistic / colorful style to the POPs, while we are immersed in the atmosphere of the series once in the dark ... The choice of characters for these new POPs should also please fans of the series who will be delighted to find the mysterious Eleven, the scary Demogorgon and the friendly and ingenious Dustin.

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