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Published on 21 February 2022 by Denis

6 new POPs for Tokyo Ghoul:re

Exceptional announcement for animation fans, and more particularly Tokyo Ghoul fans. The last Tokyo Ghoul POPs were released in 2018, long years without new releases that Funko has (finally) broken at the Funko Fair 2022 by unveiling a wave of 6 new POP figures from the manga, and more specifically from the second part of the seinen manga / anime: Tokyo Ghoul :re.

As its name suggests, the story of Tokyo Ghoul takes place in Tokyo when the city is haunted by "ghouls", creatures that terrorize the inhabitants by feeding on human flesh. Ken Kaneki, at the center of the plot, mysteriously escapes a ghoul attack but becomes one of these creatures himself and has to tame his new condition...

Ghouls are difficult to identify because they have the appearance of humans, allowing them to blend in easily with the population. It is only when they activate their kakugan that they turn into cannibalistic creatures!

For this new announcement, Funko offers 6 POP figures featuring the characters of Tokyo Ghoul:re. We find the POP figures of Haise Sasaki (also available in a Glow in the Dark version), of Kuki Urie, of Saiko Yonebayashi, of Toru Mutsuki and finally the figure of Ginshi Shirazu.

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