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Published on 20 September 2021 by Denis

5 new Pokemon POPs

Every announcement of new Pokemon POPs is a real treat, especially when Funko offers Pokemon figures that have not yet passed through the hands of the brand's designers. And good news: it's the case today!

Indeed, among the 5 new figures unveiled, three are "popified" for the first time. We find :

  • Caterpie: the insect-type Pokemon that looks like a green larva and has a surprising red Y-shaped antenna on its forehead;
  • Pidgeotto: it is of volatile type and was represented in full flight by Funko with its splendid wings and its red crest on the face;
  • Dragonite: Dragon type Pokemon capable of exceeding the speed of sound when flying and whose POP is very successful with a two-tone orange and blue.

The two other figures unveiled are variants of Pokemon already existing in POP. Indeed, Funko seems to want to decline each POP with Flocked, Silver and Supersized versions, making the number of figures to collect much higher if you want to catch them all! For this announcement, it is therefore Squirtle who lands in Silver version and Charizard in Supersized version. The Charizard POP #843 was already beautiful, so I let you imagine the success that the Supersized 25cm / 10'' version will have...

With these 5 new Pokemon POPs, this brings the total collection to 58 figures for 25 different small POP characters. Of course, the top of the list is Pikachu with 10 figures in total, including one of the biggest figures of all Funko POP!

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