POP action figure of Cygnus Hyoga #808

Cygnus Hyoga is one of the main characters of the animated series and the manga Saint Seiya. He is one of the 48 Bronze Knights serving the goddess of wisdom Athena. He is the Bronze Knight of the constellation of the Swan. At the beginning of the story, Hyôga, like almost all the Bronze Knights, is arrogant and egotistical, but he will change with time. Indeed, he starts as an enemy and his goal was to kill Seiya and his friends. However, Hyoga soon rallies to them and will become loyal and devoted to Athena and her cause.

Before becoming a brave knight Hyoga was one of the 100 orphans of the Graad Foundation, and unlike the other orphans of the Graad Foundation, Hyoga is not of Japanese origin but of Russian origin by his mother. The children of this foundation were sent to the four corners of the world in order to get a suit of armor and become a Bronze Knight. Hyoga was sent to Eastern Siberia and it is thus him who will win this famous Swan Armor by destroying the eternal glacier.

During his childhood, Hyoga lived a terrible tragedy. During a crossing at sea with Natassia, his mother with whom he lived, the ship in which they were sunk due to a raging sea in Eastern Siberia. Unfortunately, as there were not enough lifeboats available, Natassia decided to give up her place to her son. The young boy was then saved by the sacrifice of his mother and saw the boat sink with his mother in the distance. It is since this fateful day, that he swore to go and see her again and for that he absolutely had to become a knight to be able to reach the wreck of the boat. In fact, his cold nature and the fact that he doesn't show his feelings much, hide the pain of the loss of his mother.

As for his fighting skills, Hyoga proves to be a formidable fighter and knows it. Thanks to his Cosmos, Hyôga can use the element of ice. Moreover, he knows how to use the Seventh Sense, a power thanks to which he can perform extraordinary feats far from those of an ordinary knight. He can for example with this power pulverize a star. Later, Hyôga will also be able to use the Eighth Sense which will allow him to transcend the concept of life and death.

In this POP figure, Funko illustrates Hyôga the powerful Bronze Knight of the Swan constellation. He is equipped with gray armor covering his upper body, white pants, and gray armored boots. Funko also did a great job of representing the knight's long, beautiful blonde hair. In addition, he wears his famous knight's crown, the same color as his armor, in the shape of a swan with wings on each side. On this POP, he adopts an attack posture in which he casts an ice spell, we notice it with the sign he makes with his hands as well as with the ice present around his boots.

Cygnus Hyoga dans sa boîte

Funko POP Cygnus Hyoga figure in its box

Cygnus Hyoga unboxed

Funko POP Cygnus Hyoga figure unboxed

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The action figure of Cygnus Hyoga, from the Saint Seiya franchise is a POP which came out in January 2021.
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About this action figure ✔

Action figure Cygnus Hyoga
Item box 808
UPC Code 889698476881
Manufacturer Funko
Brand Funko POP!
Release date 20 January 2021
Size 10 cm / 3.75''
Franchise Saint Seiya
Character Cygnus Hyoga
Licence Toei Animation Inc.
Category POP! Animation
Status 👍 Available

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