Discover tha action figures POP! Color variant

Color Variant figures are POPs designed with the same mold as the original version but with different colors. It can be make-up, a piece of clothing,... or even the full color of the figurine which is different.

The POP Color Variant are usually exclusive versions to satisfy fans for special events. The price of a POP Color Variant figurine is usually a little higher than the classic version because of the exclusivity.

Funko offers series of Color Variant on the same theme, for example black and white figurines, bland effects giving the impression that the figurine disappears or porcelain or sepia versions giving a very retro look.

POP Color Variant are quite widespread with more than a thousand figures unveiled in a color variant version. Among the most popular are many versions of the Batman, the Marvel heroes or the most requested miniatures of licenses like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and Star Wars.

The Funko POP! Color variant action figures

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