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Funko plunges into the world of myths and legends with these POP! Myths exceptiona. From the extraordinary creatures of Greek mythology to the most enchanting creatures, including whimsical sea monsters, discover a series of creatures whose legends have been passed down from generation to generation, fuelling the collective imagination.

Among the POP figurines drawn from mythology, tales and legends, there are must-see items such as Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster, but also creatures that confronted the heroes of the Illiad and the Odyssey with the Cyclops, Medusa or the Sphinx and sea monsters that haunt the stories of fishermen like the Kraken.

This collection of POPs is a great success with figurines whose designers' imaginations blend with the descriptions of the oldest stories. The details of each physical aspect that have often struck the minds in the representation of these monsters pushes us to collect each and every POP in this category!

The last Funko POP! Myths figures added

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