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Superheroes are at the heart of POP action figures and it is, as such, quite normal that they have their own category. So POP Heroes is the one that groups all the superheroes in a category that is transversal to the other universes (video games, movies, TV series, anime, etc.).

This category is emblematic of Funko POP and includes all the superheroes mainly from Marvel and DC Comics licenses. So it's here that Spider Man, Arrow, Captain America, Batman, Superman, Groot, Deadpool or even Iron Man and the X-Men mix! All of them have earned the right to reside in this special category as if they were the honour roll of POP action figures.

Please note: this category, called POP Heroes is a bit connoted as "super nice" but we reassure you that there are also "super villains" such as Joker, Venom or Thanos. And besides, we would sometimes be very annoyed to classify some of them... This category allows you to rebuild on your shelves beautiful fights between the greatest heroes and villains!

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