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Published on 15 January 2024 by Denis

Wave of POPs for The Seven Deadly Sins

Funko is kicking off 2024 with a nice surprise for fans of animation, and more specifically of "The Seven Deadly Sins", as the brand has unveiled the second wave of POP figures dedicated to the anime's characters.

After a first wave of POPs for the anime at the end of last year, here is the second wave, bringing the total collection to 16 POP figurines. With these new announcements, fans will be able to add new characters to their shelves, starting with the Seven Deadly Sins, who were previously unavailable!

Dive into the world of the Seven Deadly Sins

In a kingdom plagued by chaos, the legendary "Seven Deadly Sins" are knights who were once respected, but were wrongly accused of conspiring against the kingdom of Liones. Hunted and considered traitors, the Seven Deadly Sins disappeared from society.

Ten years later, with the kingdom under the tyrannical control of corrupt Sacred Knights, Princess Elizabeth Liones escapes from the castle in search of the Seven Deadly Sins. She is convinced that they are the only ones capable of saving the kingdom. Her quest leads her to Meliodas, the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins, a charismatic young man with astonishing strength.

Together, they embark on a dangerous journey to reunite the Seven Deadly Sins, made up of characters with unique skills, such as Diane, the giantess, Ban, the immortal thief, King, the king of fairies, Gowther, the Sin of Lust, Merlin, the witch, and Escanor, the Sin of Pride.

On their quest, they face formidable enemies, uncover dark plots and unravel the mysteries of their own past. Between betrayals, unexpected alliances and shocking revelations, "The Seven Deadly Sins" offers a thrilling adventure blending action, magic and drama, while exploring the themes of redemption and friendship.

Eight new Funko POP! figures with some nice surprises

For this new wave of The Seven Deadly Sins POPs, Funko has some nice surprises in store, with the main characters of course, but also new characters representing one of the 7 deadly sins not yet available in POP.

The complete line-up for this announcement:

Meliodas (Funko POP #1345) shown possessed with cla mark on his face and the purple halo of energy surrounding him. The POP is very faithful to those seen in the first wave, with a youthful-looking character who hides an astonishing strength.

Meliodas with Hawk (Funko POP #1497): the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins has this time been "popified" alongside his faithful companion, the pig Hawk!

Gowther (Funko POP #1498) in classic and Diamond Glitter versions: first POP(s) for the young woman representing the sin of Lust. The POP perfectly represents the living doll with her pink hair, glasses and strict attitude...

Merlin (Funko POP #1499) is the second "new POP character" for the knights, and we discover the young woman symbolizing gluttony in full exercise of her magical powers. Once again, Funko has been very faithful to the anime character, as we discover a rather scantily-clad young woman!

Funko then takes us into the Demon clan with two POPs of the Demon King's sons

  • Estarossa (Funko POP #1500) with silver hair and knight-like attire;
  • Zeldris (Funko POP #1501) with his appearance very similar to that of Meliodas, except of course for his brown hair and black mark on his forehead...

Finally, the last figure unveiled is Diane (Funko POP #1500) with a superb 25cm Supersized POP at the height of the giantess symbolizing the sin of envy. All the details are there: from her orange skirt to the hammer she hides behind her back, and of course the tattoo of her symbol (the snake) on her thigh!

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