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Published on 18 January 2024 by Denis

Three new Pokémon come to Funko POP

And 1, and 2, and 3... new Pokémon join the (now very) long list of Pokémon available in Funko POP, to the delight of hunters who want to catch them all.

Funko had set out the company's strategic direction: to focus even more on strong licenses. Clearly Pokémon is a must-have, and 2024 begins with a first announcement and new Pokémon available.

Luxray, Grookey and Wooloo in POP

Luxray, Pokédex number 405, is a fourth-generation Pokémon of the "Electrik" type. Funko has represented it perfectly, with its snow lynx look, black fur, blue muzzle and yellow earlobes. The POP is also representative of the Pokémon's aggressive attitude, as it has a rather angry look in its eyes!

The second POP unveiled was that of Grookey. This cute little plant-type Pokémon is ranked number 810 in the Pokédex (8th generation) and looks like a baby monkey, except that it's all green. Funko hasn't forgotten the few significant details of the Pokémon's physique, with its orange snout, the two little leaves on the top of its skull and, of course, its stick, which it frequently uses to beat rhythmically on all kinds of objects... Personally, I find this Pokémon very successful in POP and can't wait to see if Funko will offer its evolutions, which can also be sublime (Thwackey and Rillaboom).

The third and final Pokémon for this announcement is Wooloo, whose name betrays its physical appearance! Also an 8th-generation Pokémon (no. 831), it resembles a sheep with its thick wool. Here again, it's impossible not to recognize the Pokémon on this Funko POP: its thick wool, its two little braids and its cute look remind us that it has a rather reserved character.

Will Pokémon be Funko's biggest license yet?

With over 90 POPs in the Pokémon collection, the license is beginning to rank among the "very big" licenses. If the beginnings had been sluggish (we could only collect the 3 original starters in 2019), 2021 was clearly the year of acceleration.

Of course, Pikachu is THE star of the set, with a dozen figurines in his likeness alone, but there are many other Pokémon now available.

In all, over forty Pokémon have their own POP. The most popular ones are declined (Superzized, Glitter, Pearlescent), but all in all, this is starting to make a very nice collection for those who want to catch them all...

With over a thousand Pokémon in total, Funko still has a lot of work to do if they want to offer the widest possible range. The potential is there, and we'll see if Pokémon ends up becoming the license with the most POP figures!

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