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Published on 25 August 2022 by Seb

The very first POPs of She-Hulk series

Freshly landed on Disney+, the She-Hulk series is the latest miniseries derived from the MCU. It follows the adventures of a superheroine (who is actually quite unknown) who is Jennifer Walters aka "Miss-Hulk".

The very first episode was released on the platform and we already learn more about the origins of She Hulk. Jennifer Walters is an ambitious lawyer and she is the cousin of Bruce Banner aka Hulk. When both are victims of a car accident, Jennifer finds herself exposed to Gamma and becomes a "Hulk" in her turn! But the young woman doesn't want her superpowers and intends to pursue a more normal life.

All Marvel fans enjoy the appointment with a new episode every week, as well as the Funko POP ads which propose each time some figurines from the episode. For the very first of the series, we discover 3 POPs of three different characters:

  • the POP of Jennifer Walters #1128 in her lawyer suit as we discover her (at the end of the episode) while she pleads in court ;
  • the POP of Hulk #1130 in a black and blue jumpsuit when he is on a mission to train his cousin to master his new powers;
  • the POP of Nikki Ramos #1133, Jennifer's best friend and unconditional supporter (aware of her power), both in her professional and personal life.

Here are the first three POPs of the She-Hulk series, the others will certainly follow after the release of new episodes (every Thursday). Some leaks (not official) already speak of several POPs including Jennifer in her torn costume while she transformed into She-Hulk or the POP of Smart Hulk (Hulk with glasses). To be continued...

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