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Published on 18 April 2022 by Denis

The first POPs of the Marvel Moon Knight series

The first POPs of the Marvel Moon Knight series

Just a few days after unveiling the very first Funko POP of the Moon Knight series, Funko is back with two more characters from the series this time: Arthur Harrow and Mr Knight.

The mini-series which started on the Disney+ platform at the end of March features a strange Marvel superhero: the Moon Knight, a mercenary left for dead in the desert and that the Egyptian God Khonshu will save to make him his representation on Earth...

Arthur Harrow is presented as the "villain" and main enemy of Moon Knight. We discover a POP very faithful to the character as we discover him from the first episode of the series. He gets his powers from the goddess Ammit. On the POP, Harrow shows his grey hair and leans on his cane, ready to "judge" his fellow man.

The second POP unveiled is of Mr. Knight. It will be available in two versions since Funko also made a "Glow in the Dark" version of this POP. Steven Grant's avatar is represented in his white suit, with the Moon symbol on his forehead. His very elegant costume contrasts a little with the scary side of his mask, but in any case the POP is once again very faithful to the character!

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