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Published on 03 May 2022 by William

The Byers House Funko POP set in Stranger Things is complete

Funko has unveiled the latest POP Deluxe that completes the set of 4 POP figures named "the Byers' house" from the Netflix series Stranger Things. Fans of the series will be able to recreate the entire Byers' living room, with its counterpart in the upside down world.

The plot of the first season of Stranger Things

Funko has set its sights on one of the most mythical places in the first season of Stranger Things, since it was during the scene where Joyce Byers took the (slightly crazy) initiative of hanging Christmas lights on the wall of her living room to try to communicate with her missing son...

This initiative will pay off as it will allow Joyce and Sheriff Hopper to begin to understand the irrational events that are happening in the small town of Hawkins. By writing a letter of the alphabet under each light bulb, Joyce and Will will be able to exchange, thus bringing the proof (for Joyce at least) that her son is indeed still alive, and especially that he is stuck in a parallel world!

The Byers' house is completely turned upside down, accentuating the effect of madness that Joyce Byers seems to be affected by since the disappearance of her son. This is one of the most important places where the events of season 1 take place and Funko is not wrong with an "Assemble" type set of this scene.

A Deluxe set of 4 Stranger Things POP figures

This Assemble has 4 POP figures and rebuilds the Byers' living room in two versions: the house in the real world and the house in the upside down world. Naturally, the POPs are assembled in a 2x2 square with a mirror symmetry to reproduce the effect of the upside down world!

On each POP, we discover a piece of the sofa and the wall with the alphabet and the garlands, but also a central character of the first season. The first three POPs that make up this set were unveiled the previous weeks and we found :

  • Eleven (Jane), the young girl with psychic powers who escaped from Hawkins' laboratory;
  • Will Byers (one of the boys of the gang led by Mike Wheeler and also composed of Dustin Henderson and Lucas Sinclair) at the center of the plot when he mysteriously disappears in the first episode;
  • The Demogorgon who is the "big bad" of this season, easily recognizable by his slender body with hooked hands, skinny legs and a head with petals full of teeth.

Only one POP was needed to complete the set and Funko chose Jim Hopper, the sheriff who leads an exceptional investigation (despite his legendary skepticism) to try to understand what is really going on in his town and especially to find young Will safe and sound.

Funko has left no stone unturned for this exceptional set. Naturally, the POPs are marked "POP Deluxe", indicating that they feature the figures in a set, but each of the details also recalls all the events of the first season.

Where to find the Stranger Things Funko POP set from the House of Byers?

This Funko POP set is an Amazon exclusive, which means it's the only merchant to offer them! They are sold separately and are proposed at around $30 which means that you will have to spend $120 to get your hands on the whole set!

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