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Published on 24 December 2023 by Denis

Second wave of Funko POPs for Trigun anime

A pleasant surprise for fans of anime and Trigun in particular, as Funko has just announced a second wave of POPs dedicated to the anime. Of course, there are POPs of Vash, but also of other characters!

Trigun is a Japanese animated series that has captivated animation fans the world over since its release in 1998. Created by Yasuhiro Nightow, the series is a unique blend of western, science fiction and black comedy. It transports viewers into a desert world of guns, mysteries and complex moralities.

The story follows Vash the Stampede, a charismatic individual with blond hair and sunglasses, who has a $60 billion price on his head because of his devastating actions and reputation for destroying everything in his path... Yet behind his laid-back appearance and comic antics lies a deeply complex character. Vash, nicknamed "The Humanoid Typhoon", tries to follow a strict moral code by avoiding collateral damage, even when hunted by bounty hunters and criminals.

For this announcement, Funko unveiled five new figures (half of them featuring Vash!):

  • #1557 Legato Bluesummers, devoted servant of Knives and enemy of Vash represented by Funko with his purple hair and assassin costume. Funko even managed to capture the character's sadistic look!
  • #1558 Rem Saverem, the enigmatic young woman who looked after Vash and Knives when they were children;
  • #1559 Nicholas D. Wolfwood, Vash's loyal friend (who was already available in POP), beautifully portrayed by Funko in his black suit and armed with his gigantic cross incorporating his devastating weapons...
  • #1560 Vash the Stampede in Deluxe POP version with Angel Arm in full action of mass destruction. Funko has captured the character's determination with his clenched fist and stare. The POP is magnificent, with the thick smoke surrounding Vash and the many details on the weapon, from the angels' wings to the energy rings.
  • #1561 Vash the Stampede with "the Punisher" on his back, imagining him escaping from the bounty hunters! A faithful POP of the character wearing his little glasses and red coat.

The heart of Trigun lies in its exploration of themes of morality, guilt and redemption. As Vash struggles with his painful past, viewers are taken on an emotional journey where humor mingles with the gravity of his difficult choices. The animation, though dated, offers impressive action scenes and vast desert landscapes that reinforce the series' atmosphere.

The characters surrounding Vash are equally memorable, each bringing a unique dimension to the story. Wolfwood, a priest armed with his own arsenal, represents the moral conflict, while Meryl and Milly, two employees of an insurance company, try to understand Vash's true nature. These dynamic relationships add extra depth to the story.

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