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Published on 04 August 2022 by Denis

Second Boruto POP figure for the

Second Boruto POP figure for the "Rock Series" set

The set will include all seven POPs and will recreate the monument of the Hokage in Boruto: Naruto Next Generation. It will be a masterpiece for all fans of animation and especially Naruto / Boruto...

Inspired by Mount Rushmore with the faces of the four American presidents, the Hokage monument is a huge rock in which is carved the faces of all the Hokage. Funko had recently unveiled the figurine of the first Hokage: Hashirama Senju and it is now a second POP that we discover.

Of course the suspense was very low since we expected to find the second Hokage for this POP and Funko just confirmed that. So we discover Tobirama Senju in a POP very faithful to the character. He joins his brother and the fans will be able to start rebuilding the rock!

Please note: for each POP, there is the face of the Hokage carved in the rock, but also a POP of the ninja in "flesh and blood" posing in front of his rock. It's a unique opportunity to gather all the most powerful ninjas in a sumptuous setting.

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