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Published on 10 December 2023 by Seb

Rebel Moon (Netflix) already available in Funko POP

The Zack Snyder-directed Rebel Moon (Part 1), due for release on Netflix at the end of the year, is arousing a great deal of curiosity. Can this space odyssey rise to the heights of the Star Wars or Star Trek universes? Only time will tell, but Funko has lifted the veil on a few mysteries by unveiling the first POP figurines featuring the characters.

In all, Funko has just revealed no less than 6 figurines from the film, each dedicated to one of the characters. Of course, there's a POP of Kora, the young woman who is called upon to help the tyrant Balisarius, and who recruits a rather atypical team of fighters. Funko has also revealed POPs of other characters, including Nemesis, Jimmy, General Titus, Kai and Admiral Atticus Noble.

The trailer sets the scene for the upcoming film without revealing too much, so the mystery is still total... Nevertheless, the ingredients are there and we can look forward to deep characters, great battles and a story with many twists and turns.

The first part of Rebel Moon Enfant du Feu will be released on December 22, in two parts (but will evolve into a master license with spin-off mini-series if it proves to be a success), so there's plenty to keep us busy over the festive season!

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