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Published on 25 May 2022 by William

Over a hundred new POP figures for Funkoween 2022

This year again, Funko starts the Halloween celebrations in the middle of May. It's certainly surprising when we have more head for the beach than for horror movies, but for our greatest pleasure, the Funkoween is always the occasion to fill up with novelties.

More than a hundred new figures for this Funkoween 2022

Funkoween 2022

The event was held online from May 17 to 19, 2022, three days during which Funko unveiled no less than a hundred new POP figures "special Halloween". Many collections are of course concerned, and we can mainly divide the announcements into two themes:

  • Those that are horror-themed or delve into slightly darker subjects (horror movies, great Halloween classics, etc.)
  • Those that see their characters "dressed up" for Halloween like Mickey and his friends who every year put on their best costumes
  • Among all the announcements of the Funkoween 2022, it seems that the big winner is on the side of POP Animation with many licenses: Jujutsu Kaisen, Hunter x Hunter or Attack of the Titans SNK.

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    Among the Halloween classics, there are of course the POPs from horror movies. This year, Funko offers to revisit some of them, including horror heavyweights:

    • the Hannibal Lecter figure from Silence of the Lambs ;
    • two POPs of Sam from Trick R Treat ;
    • a Blacklight POP of Frankenstein in Universal Monsters;
    • the Michael Myers figurine in Blacklight version too;
    • the vampire Nosferatu (also available in a Chase version);
    • the terrifying Pennywise in Ca!
    • the abominable Leprechaun in three versions: classic, Bloody and Glow in the Dark
    • the POP of Carrie White with her face covered in blood;
    • 3 figurines from Chucky with Chucky, Tiffany and a duo pack of the two characters in Blacklight;
    • 9 new figures for Spielberg's masterpiece E.T the alien with variations of the 3 main characters: E.T, the young Elliot and his sister Gertie. In this announcement, we also find great POPs like the multipack with E.T. in disguise (3 figures) or the Movie Moment POP where Elliot and E.T. fly away on the bike with a full moon shining in the dark!
    Silence of the lambs Funkoween 2022Sam Trick r Treat Funkoween 2022Frankenstein Blacklight Funkoween 2022Halloween Funkoween 2022Nosferatu Funkoween 2022It Funkoween 2022Leprechaun Funkoween 2022Carrie Funkoween 2022Chucky Funkoween 2022E.T. Funkoween 2022E.T. Funkoween 2022E.T. Funkoween 2022E.T. Funkoween 2022

    On the POP Animation side, fans of manga and animation series will be able to make some space on their shelves because some heavyweights are coming:

    • 15 POP Jujutsu Kaisen, one of the best-selling shonen manga in the world and whose characters had not yet been declined in POP figures...
    • 8 new POP of Hunter x Hunter with (almost) only new characters. We find the figurines of Komugi, Meruem, Netero, Bisky, Kite, Kurapika and Pitou. Funko also announced a superb POP Moment immortalizing the fight between Meruem and Komugi!
    • 9 new POPs of Attack of the Titans (SNK) with all the characters that fans will be delighted to see in new versions: Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman, Bertholdt Hoover, Ymir or Levi!
    Jujutsu Kaisen Funkoween 2022Jujutsu Kaisen Funkoween 2022Jujutsu Kaisen Funkoween 2022Hunter x Hunter Funkoween 2022Hunter x Hunter Funkoween 2022Hunter x Hunter Funkoween 2022Attack on Titan SNK Funkoween 2022Attack on Titan SNK Funkoween 2022

    Let's go to the Disney / Pixar studios with some very nice surprises for this Funkoween 2022 :

    • First of all, a "train" composed of 5 POP figures from the Disney Villains set, the most iconic "big bads" of Disney. We find Maleficent, The Evil Queen, Cruella from Hell, Ursula and Captain Hook. Each of these characters is featured in a train car (Maleficent is in the locomotive), and the POPs can link together to complete the train.
    • A POP of the Sanderson Sisters (Hocus Pocus) presented on a common base;
    • Is it possible for Funko to celebrate Halloween without unveiling new POPs of The Nightmare before Christmas? No! and here are 11 new POPs that are Blacklight versions - POPs that fluoresce under black light - of already existing figures. We find all the main characters from Jack to Sally through the dog Zero or the Mayor and Oogie Boogie. Note: Funko has also unveiled a special Halloween advent calendar of The Nightmare before Christmas with 13 boxes to wait!
    • A new POP in the Disney Villains set as well, and which inaugurates an "assembly" of 6 figures in total. The first POP being the one of Hades with Pain & Panic. In the same series, Funko also unveiled Blacklight variations of 4 other characters (Captain Hook, Maleficent and Dr. Facilier) and a Diamond Glitter of Maleficent.
    • Finally, a wave of new figures of Mickey Mouse and friends, also dressed for Halloween with Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy, including POP versions in Glow in the Dark.
    Disney Villains Train Funkoween 2022Hocus Pocus Funkoween 2022The Nighmare Before Christmas Funkoween 2022The Nighmare Before Christmas Funkoween 2022The Nighmare Before Christmas Funkoween 2022The Nighmare Before Christmas Funkoween 2022The Nighmare Before Christmas Funkoween 2022The Nighmare Before Christmas Funkoween 2022Disney Villains Assemble Funkoween 2022Disney Villains Funkoween 2022Disney Villains Funkoween 2022Disney Villains Funkoween 2022Disney Villains Funkoween 2022Disney Villains Funkoween 2022Disney Mickey Mouse Funkoween 2022

    The only TV series to benefit from POPs for Halloween, it is of course the iconic Simpsons family with POPs of the Simpsons specially dressed for Halloween. In total, there are 9 new figures including a multipack of 5 POPs with the main new features of the set.

    The Simpsons Funkoween 2022The Simpsons Funkoween 2022

    The games are not forgotten with :

    • The very first POP of Wherehog, the beastly half-hedgehog, half-werewolf form of Sonic ;
    • Three characters of Sally Face (Ashley, Larry, Sal Fisher) which come to add to the POP of Sally ;
    • The big "POP Games" announcement is the release of the very first figurines dedicated to the upcoming RGP Gotham Knights, we find the four knights of the video game, declined in several versions (7 POPs in total): Red Hood, Robin, Batgirl and Nightwing.
    Sonic the Hedgehog Funkoween 2022Sally Face Funkoween 2022Gotham Knights Funkoween 2022Gotham Knights Funkoween 2022

    Finally on the side of the "other" announcements, we find:

    • A POP Icons Blacklight from Elivra, a blacklight variation of POP #68 ;
    • A Flocked POP from Gloomy Bear, also available in Chase.
    Elvira Funkoween 2022Gloomy Bear Funkoween 2022

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