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Published on 21 January 2024 by Seb

New wave of POP for Slipknot

Fans of heavy metal, and of Slipknot in particular, can look forward to adding a few more figures to their collection, as Funko has announced the release of new POPs featuring the band's (current) members.

Unlike other bands, Funko has until now offered very few Slipknot figurines. Surprising when you consider the band's potential, with no less than 9 members, past and present, but especially when you consider the band's universe, with its masks and outfits that can't leave anyone indifferent... Yet Funko had only released 3 POPs in 2020 (Corey Taylor, Craig Jones and Sid Wilson) and then a Silver variant of Corey Taylor three years later. In other words, not much!

Funko is now correcting the situation, and fans will be able to look forward to completing the group with sublime (but not to be put in every hand!) figurines of the group, as a total of 6 new figurines have been unveiled.

Slipknot POPs with faithful masks

The announcement line-up makes a good pass at the current members of Slipknot with 6 new figures:

  • POP #297 of Clown (Shawn Crahan) with the red-nosed chrome mask and a flaming torch in his hands; - POP #298 of Jay Weinberg with his drumsticks, but above all his mask with the sewn-on mouth; - POP #299 of Mick Thomson with the field hockey mask and his white guitar ;
  • POP #378 by Jim Root, who is also shown playing guitar, with his white mask cut off at the mouth; - POP #379 by Michael Pfaff, with his "burnt-skin" mask and the little zipper over his mouth; - POP #380 by Vman (Alex Venturella), with his dark-red mask, the patterns of which give a reptilian appearance...

Slipknot: the metal legend

Slipknot is an American heavy metal band formed in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1995. The band is famous for its intense musical style, distinctive visual image and energetic stage performances. The band's original line-up included nine masked members, each assigned a number from 0 to 8. Over the years, the band's composition has undergone a few changes, but its creative core has remained solid.

Current Slipknot members include Corey Taylor (vocals), Jim Root (guitar), Mick Thomson (guitar), Craig Jones (sampling and keyboards), Sid Wilson (turntables), Shawn Crahan (percussion and backing vocals), Jay Weinberg (drums) and Vman (Alessandro Venturella) (bass, replacing Paul Gray, who passed away in 2010). Each member contributes to the band's unique sonic identity.

Slipknot has gained worldwide recognition for its captivating live performances and critically acclaimed albums. The band's flagship tracks include "Duality", a Grammy Award-winning single from 2004, as well as "Wait and Bleed", "Psychosocial", "Before I Forget", and "The Devil in I". Their music combines elements of nu-metal, alternative metal and heavy metal, with lyrics that are often dark and introspective.

One of Slipknot's most memorable anecdotes has to do with their distinctive masks. Members wear unique, elaborate masks that have become emblematic of the band's image. These masks not only serve as stage devices, but are also used to represent the individuality and artistic expression of each member. The mystery surrounding the faces behind the masks has contributed to Slipknot's aura of mystery.

The band continues to make its mark on the world of heavy metal, not only through its music, but also through its commitment to artistic authenticity and its influence on the global music scene. Slipknot remains a pillar of modern metal, continuing to captivate fans worldwide with their unique style and unforgettable stage presence.

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