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Published on 06 March 2022 by Lola

New POP of Kronk in Emperor's New Groove

Second announcement of the WonderCon 2022 with a new Disney POP from the animated movie Emperor’s New Groove. The Emperor's New Groove POP collection already had a dozen POPs featuring the hilarious Disney characters, but it looks like Funko is determined to continue to make Kuzco, Yzma, Kronk and the rest of them in many variations.

For this new announcement, it is a POP of Kronk, the assistant of the evil Yzma in charge of killing the Inca emperor Kuzco. For this POP, Funko makes a nod to the scene where Kronk has a dilemma of conscience as he is about to kill the emperor. Indeed, a little angel and a devil appear on his shoulder and there, Funko reproduced Kronk in angel.

The POP of Kronk as a shoulder angel is very faithful to the character with his white and gold tunic, his little wings on his back and his halo above his head. We recognize perfectly the face and the features of the character, with its air a little silly but nice! The POP is perfect for the fans of this Disney, and it is likely that it will be followed by the "Devil" version of Kronk soon to reunite the pair!

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