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Published on 16 April 2022 by Lola

New Funko POP VHS Covers of Goofy

And one more POP in the brand new POP "VHS Covers" reproducing the covers of our old and cult VHS. With this announcement, Funko continues the revelation of the first POP VHS Covers and continues (for the moment) to focus only on the great Disney classics.

It's now Goofyโ€™s turn to join the POP VHS Covers family, alongside Simba (The Lion King) under the number #03 and Woody (Toy Story) under the number #05. The Dingo POP (#04) still leaves a total mystery on the first issues of the VHS Covers not yet revealed by Funko although rumors seem to be directed on Belle in Beauty and the Beast and on Vito Corleone and the poster of the movie The Godfather...

For this POP, Funko has reproduced the cover of the Disney movie "A Goofy Movie" released in 1995. The film recounts the relationship between Dingo and his son Max in the middle of a teenage crisis. Surprisingly, this movie does not immediately come to mind when mentioning Disney masterpieces although the story is particularly endearing.

With this Goofy VHS POP, Funko takes us back to the fun and jovial character of Mickey's friend, a great opportunity to add one more POP VHS Covers to their shelves for fans of the Disney classics.

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