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Published on 01 October 2023 by Denis

Funko unveils a dozen new One Piece figures from the Wano Country

Funko unveils a dozen new One Piece figures from the Wano Country

The Funko POP One Piece collection is now approaching 80 figures, as Funko has just unveiled a brand-new wave of POPs to be released in November and December.

In all, there are 10 new figures from the WANO (Land of Wa) Arc, including members of the Straw Hat crew, as well as other characters.

Full listing of this announcement:

  • The figure of Chopperemon, the crew's "doctor", available in two versions: classic or flocked;
  • POP of Nami, alias Onami, the young navigator;
  • The POP of Sangoro (Sanji), the crew's cook;
  • A new figurine of Usohachi (the second in the entire collection), who evolves into a sniper;
  • Orobi aka Nico Robin the archaeologist;
  • A Supersized POP of "Franosuke", Franky who is the carpenter of the crew led by Luffy.

Outside the crew, we discover Funko POP figures of two new characters:

  • The POP of Marco, also known as Marco the Phoenix;
  • The POP of Carrot, the Mink rabbit that Funko has made into a classic and Chase GITD version!

Funko is taking us to the Land of Wa, where you can add figurines of your favorite One Piece characters in different outfits and attitudes.

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