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Published on 05 October 2023 by Denis

Funko brand unveils 4 new figures from Fortnite

Funko brand unveils 4 new figures from Fortnite

It's been over a year since Funko last announced POP figures featuring Fortnite characters / skins. Although the collection is already quite extensive (around sixty figures), there's still plenty of potential to satisfy fans eager to add their favorite characters to their shelves.

For these new Fortnite 2023 POPs, Funko has chosen to cast 4 completely different characters, all well known to gamers.

First up is the Gumbo skin, from Chapter 3 Season 1, with his round, gum-shaped head and flashy blue, pink and purple look.

Then comes a figure of the terrible Shadow Midas, the macabre version of Midas possessing the power of the Shadow Realm, driven by a vengeance that only makes him more cruel...

The third Fortnite figure in this new wave is The Foundation, founder and leader of the Seven. Angry and arrogant, he nevertheless retains his human side, which enables him to distinguish between good and evil!

Finally, the last character chosen for this casting is Meowscles in the Cartoon version, an appearance in which SHADOW's terrible secret agent bears an uncanny resemblance to Felix the Cat! His black suit doesn't let you see the tattoo on his bicep, but his posture reminds you just how endearing he is.

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