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Published on 09 February 2024 by Seb

The very first POPs of the next Kong x Godzilla are here

A new opus featuring the two gigantic creatures, the film Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire will be released in April 2024. Funko couldn't miss the opportunity, and has already unveiled the very first POPs from the film. Of course, we're discovering gigantic creatures, but we're also getting to know the major enemy that will oppose Godzilla and Kong...

With the balance of the titanic world in doubt, do you think Godzilla and Kong will be able to join forces to restore stability? Whatever the case, the film promises epic action and battle scenes!

9 POP figures from the new Godzilla x Kong movie

For this announcement, Funko is pounding the table with no less than 9 figurines featuring the "titans" of the saga. The line-up is as follows

  • 3 Godzilla figures, including a Supersized version of the mega-lizard, a version where he spits out a heat ray and a final POP where Godzilla seems to be sleeping, a sleep we imagine disturbed by an event... ;
  • 2 Kong figurines featuring the giant gorilla with a mechanized arm. The first POP is a classic size, the second a Supersized version;
  • 2 Skar King figures: the "big bad" who has taken over the underworld and threatens the balance of the planet... Funko has also released a POP Deluxe with Skar King sitting on the throne, symbolizing his position as undisputed leader;
  • 2 "little newcomers" with POPs of Suko - a "baby Kong" with reddish fur and Shimo - a "baby Godzilla" with white skin like an albino version of the giant lizard!

The only regret with this announcement is that Funko doesn't seem to have decided to offer figurines of the human characters... Despite a sympathetic cast and endearing characters, POPs are (for the moment) focused solely on titanic creatures like Kong and Godzilla... If the film is a success, perhaps we'll be seeing figurines of actors Dan Stevens, Rebecca Hall and Brian Tyree Henry in the coming weeks?

Fifth opus and many, many POPs for the titanic creatures

The New Empire is the fifth installment in Warner Bros' "# MonsterVerse" saga of titanic creatures, and Funko has been there every time.

Indeed, for each of the films, Funko has offered figurines in the effigy of the creatures, allowing us to see the evolution of Kong and Godzilla, as well as to remember the many great enemies they have had to face - sometimes even facing themselves...

In order, Funko offered POP sets of :

  • Kong Skull Island (2021)
  • Godzilla (2022)
  • Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)
  • Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire (2024)

In all, there are over thirty figurines featuring the titans, often with Supersized POPs to match the creatures!

Godzilla is the most populated monster, with no fewer than 20 figurines of the giant lizard, followed by King Kong (around ten POPs).

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