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Published on 23 February 2022 by Denis

5 POP figures from Black Clover

5 POP figures from Black Clover

You like the Black Clover series from the eponymous shonen manga? Then you're going to love this announcement from Funko as the brand has just unveiled the very first POP figures featuring the characters from Black Clover. Yuuki Tabata's manag, released in 2015, was an instant hit in Japan before going global. The animated series has done a huge amount to popularize Black Clover outside of Asia.

Black Clover follows the story of Asta, a young boy who, along with his childhood friend Yuno, aspires to become the greatest magician of all time. Unfortunately, Asta has no magical talent. When the two boys turn 15, they are given their grimoires: Yuno receives the legendary grimoire marked with the four-leaf clover, Asta receives nothing...

While Yuno is attacked by a thief, Asta tries to intervene. Not being able to control the aggressor, Asta mysteriously receives the help of a rusty sword and a magic grimoire marked with a five-leaf clover, symbolizing the demon. It is from this moment that the paths of the two friends separate, keeping their promise to become the Emperor-Mage.

For this first wave of POP, Funko has announced the release of 5 Black Clover figures. We find of course the figures of Asta and Yuno, but also a POP of Noelle and two POP of Luck Voltia (in classic version and in Chase Glow in the Dark version).

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