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Published on 22 January 2020 by Lola

5 new POPified icons: from Edgar Allan Poe to Marilyn Monroe

Television personalities, movie actress, best-selling author or iconic chef, discover Funko's new revelations. At the London Toy Fair 2020, Funko unveiled the next 5 personalities who will become POP! Icons.

They include the figure of Bill Nye, the TV presenter known as the "science guy", who can be compared to a Mac Lesggy or Jamie from the show C'est pas sorcier. This presenter, whose programs decipher scientific phenomena, is entitled to a POP in his own image since he is represented in a smock, holding a globe in his hand and mimicking with his right hand an explanation such as he knows how to give them.

The second figurine is the POP of Guy Fieri, a chef made even more popular by numerous television programmes in which the chef sets out to discover restaurants and dishes, and stages himself to share his impressions. The atypical looking figurine pays a nice tribute to the character, and Guy Fieri holds in his hand a burger ready to be tasted!

Author Edgar Allan Poe is awarded a third POP figurine in his effigy. This time he holds a skull, which is a nice tribute to the dark side of the writer. He is once again depicted in his all-black suit and one can recognize the friendly, youthful face of Edgar Allan Poe wearing his small, well-cut moustache.

Farrah Fawcett will also have her POP, and what a POP! Presented in a one-size-fits-all box (in horizontal format), Farrah Fawcett's POP is elongated as she sits on a blanket with her legs folded up. You can recognize the actress's beautiful blonde hair and make-up on her face. She stands in a position reminiscent of the sex-symbol image of the 80s star. A beautiful tribute from Funko to this huge actress who died in 2006...

Finally, Funko reveals two Marilyn Monroe POP action figures. The legendary actress could not be forgotten and it is in one of the most famous postures that she is represented on this new figurine. Marilyn Monroe holds her dress which is lifted by the wind! We find the beautiful young woman with an angelic face and the POP is beautiful and rich in details: Marilyn's make-up, the folds of the dress, the somewhat wavy blonde hair, etc. A "black and white" version of the Marilyn Monroe figure is also available exclusively at Entertainment Earth.

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