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Published on 17 June 2021 by Denis

4 new Pokemon POP including an exceptional Charizard

Do you collect Pokemon POPs? Then this new Funko announcement is going to delight you since the brand has just revealed 4 new figures, including two featuring Pokemon that were not yet "popified".

Funko continues to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the franchise by releasing Pokemon POPs. For this announcement we find a POP of Pikachu sitting where the little Pokemon has a smile up to his ears (ears that go in all directions by the way!).

The second POP unveiled is a POP of Salamèche declined in Silver / Metallic version. Identical to the classic POP of "Charmander", it comes in addition to the Metallic POP of the other Pokemon. Not sure if the purists will be convinced by this style of POP for Pokemon...

Finally, the last two figurines are about "new" Pokemon since they make their first appearance in POP. We find Horsea with its open mouth, and a beautiful Charizard with the bright flame at the end of its tail. Both POPs are very good, but the one of Charizard with the flame, the wings on his back, the claws on his legs and the sharp canines coming out of his jaw is still breathtaking...

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