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Published on 25 March 2023 by Denis

3 new Pokémon to capture in POP

3 new Pokémon to capture in POP

After recently announcing a brand new type of Pokémon that was inaugurated by Pikachu (the pearlescent POP), Funko continues its announcements for Pokémon trainers with three new creatures that join the cast of Funko POP figures expanding the collection a little more.

The very first Pokémon is Arcanine, a fire-type Pokémon that looks like a dog with orange fur marked with black stripes reminiscent of a tiger. This is a nice surprise for fans and a logical follow-up since Funko already offered a POP of Growlithe! In any case the POP of Arcanine is very faithful to the little character.

Another fire-type Pokémon to be "popified": Scorbunny. It is the "starter" Pokémon alongside Grookey and Sobble in the Pokémon Sword and Shield games where it appeared for the first time. Its physique is reminiscent of a rabbit, or rather a hare, given its speed! On this POP, Funko didn't leave out any detail with the white coat, the tip of the orange ears or the yellow rectngle on its muzzle reminding of a bandage!

Last Pokémon of this new announcement, the POP of Glaceon declined in three variants: classic, Supersized 25cm / 10'' and flocked! We find the Ice type Pokémon which is an evolution of Eevee, the perfect occasion to gather the POP of each possible evolution (only Umbreon is missing now...).

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