Discover the action figures of X-Files

Welcome to the frontiers of reality! Does it bring back good memories? You'll love the POP X-Files figurines! This American television series was one of the great successes with no less than 11 seasons where we shivered while following the adventures of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.

Fox and Dana are two FBI agents investigating "X-rated" cases involving unexplained phenomena of extraterrestrial origin. The two characters are divided in their beliefs about the paranormal phenomena they are confronted with. Fox, whose sister disappeared a few years earlier under mysterious conditions, is convinced of the existence and presence of extraterrestrials, while Dana is more pragmatic and often tries to explain these phenomena by linking them to scientific hypotheses (it must be said that she is originally a doctor).

The story, starting with the end of the world in 2012 predicted by the Mayas, is intertwined between the invasion of Earth by aliens and a government conspiracy by the Americans to cooperate with the extraterrestrials while hiding their existence from the world.

If we loved the X Files series, it's because the plots always leave a doubt as to their origins. Balanced between the convictions of the two main characters, we tried to reassure ourselves with rational explanations but the paranormal often caught up with us. The tension and the heavy atmosphere created by the plots also kept us on the edge of our seats, although we also often shivered and feared the next episodes. By the way, just listening to the credits of X Files, recognizable among a thousand, it is possible that you have some shivers!

Funko pays tribute to the X Files series with a collection of miniatures featuring the main characters. There is of course the X Files action figure of agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, but also two more atypical POPs that are real nods to the series: the man with a cigarette (the disturbing character who seems to spy on Fox and Dana's actions and who is at the head of the Syndicate) as well as the alien we see in many episodes.

Franchise of Funko POP X-Files

POP collection X-Files has 4 figures 🎉. The first figurine of the collection came out in March 2015, it was the one of Alien while the last figurine put on sale by Funko for this series is Fox Mulder (which came out in March 2015). This franchise, under the licence of 20th Century Fox doesn't include (yet) any chase figure. Please note that this franchise does not have multipack (several action figures sold together).

On the price side, the most expensive X-Files POP 💰 (according to our estimation) is Alien, estimated at 31.00$. On the other side, the cheapest POP action figure of X-Files 🤑, estimated at 22.00$ is The Smoking Man.

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