POP action figure of Eto Yoshimura #437

Eto Yoshimura is one of the main antagonists of the anime series and the manga Tokyo Ghoul. She is a scarlet-eyed ghoul, i.e. a half ghoul like Ken Kaneki, a hybrid of human and ghoul. She is the daughter of Kuzen Yoshimura, a powerful ghoul of SSS rank, formerly the owner of the Antique Cafe. Eto is also the founder of the Aogiri Tree, an organization of ghouls founded with the aim of creating a world for ghouls and with the goal of destroying the GCC (The Ghoul Control Center).

Eto is a very mysterious woman and is often accompanied by her two loyal subordinates Tatara and Noroi, two powerful ghouls of SS rank. She is a very intelligent and perceptive half ghoul. Indeed, she is a writer, writing successful books under the pseudonym "Sen Takatsuki", books that Ken Kaneki is a fan of. Eto, as a leader, is always very friendly with Aogiri members and enjoys talking to them. However, she can also be ruthless and sadistic, ready to kill any enemy whether it is a ghoul or a human.

Eto as an artificial ghoul has superior abilities to normal ghouls. She is one of the most powerful ghouls in the series, of SSS rank. She is extremely fast, her movements are hardly noticeable to the naked eye and she is also very powerful. She has a winged fire kagune, which allows her to fly and launch projectiles that can pierce her opponents. Eto is also adept at cannibalism, making her even more dangerous and powerful. This artificial ghoul has already killed several GCC inspectors of special-assistant rank.

Through this POP figure, Funko represents Eto Yoshimura the founder of the famous ghoul organization, the Aogiri Tree. Eto, to hide her identity is completely covered with bandages. She also wears a purple sleeveless tunic with a pink collar with red flowers. Eto is always seen with a hood with ears drooping on her head giving her a childlike appearance.

Eto Yoshimura dans sa boรฎte

Funko POP Eto Yoshimura figure in its box

Eto Yoshimura unboxed

Funko POP Eto Yoshimura figure unboxed

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The action figure of Eto Yoshimura, from the Tokyo Ghoul franchise is a POP which came out in October 2018.
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Warning: this POP is relatively old and can be difficult to find in stores or on the internet. You will have more chance to get it on platforms between private individuals but this rarity can make its price go up... ๐Ÿค”

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About this action figure โœ”

Action figure Eto Yoshimura
Item box 437
UPC Code 889698343800
Manufacturer Funko
Brand Funko POP!
Release date 01 October 2018
Size 10 cm / 3.75''
Franchise Tokyo Ghoul
Character Eto Yoshimura
Licence Funimation Productions
Category POP! Animation
Status ๐Ÿ‘ Available

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