POP action figure of Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (Metallic & Supersized) #1078

Seto Kaiba, by multiplying the decks to defeat his opponents with brilliance, has always reshaped them so that they are based on his favorite card. Indeed, Seto Kaiba seems to devote a cult that does not say its name to the White Dragon with Blue Eyes. Indeed, he owns the last three existing copies of the card after having personally destroyed the fourth version in circulation.

Even when he had Obelisk the Tormentor, Seto Kaiba knew how to give a place of choice to the White Dragons with Blue Eyes in his deck. Even when he had Obelisk the Tormentor, Seto Kaiba knew how to give White Dragons with Blue Eyes a prominent place in his deck, even to the point where they managed to steal the spotlight from an Egyptian god card that was reputed to be unique in the world and over-powerful. During his numerous duels with Yugi, Kaiba used his White Dragons with Blue Eyes in all their forms, including ultimate.

During the events of the island of the duelists, Seto Kaiba, after having escaped an assassination attempt, will go to find Pegasus in order to defeat him and thus find his kidnapped brother. To be able to enter his castle, he will wait for Yugi, in ambush, to defeat him in a duel and take all his duelist stars. Note that this duel, where Seto will win his only victory over Yugi, will be marked by the appearance of the Ultimate Blue-Eyed Dragon.

The Ultimate Blue-Eyed Dragon is the fusion of not two, but three White Dragons with Blue Eyes, made possible by the Polymerization card. These three dragons, mixed together, create a monster with 4500 attack points, even more powerful than Obelisk the Tormentor. A card that gave Yugi such a hard time that it cost him his defeat.

Afterwards, the Ultimate Blue-Eyed Dragon will become rarer. His conditions of appearance are indeed difficult to meet. But when it comes time to fight Lumis and Umbra, Kaiba will combine his Ultimate Blue-Eyed Dragon card with Yugi's Black Lustre Soldier to create a monster with 5,000 attack points that is virtually indestructible. The Ultimate Blue-Eyed Dragon card finally appears in the Battle City semi-final, where Seto, this time pitted against Yugi in a final attack, will then use this card in hopes of defeating his longtime rival, this time in vain.

The Funko POP Ultimate Blue-Eyed Dragon figure is somehow similar to the hydra of Greek mythology. Indeed, the Ultimate Blue-Eyed Dragon figure represents the latter with the enlarged body of the White Blue-Eyed Dragon, but this one carrying three heads. In accordance with the representation of the card, the Funko POP Ultimate Blue-Eyed Dragon, unlike the dragons that have merged, do not have pupils. The skin of its body is darker approaching gray and, at the top of their skull, is then an occult symbol.

The Ultimate Blue-Eyed Dragon POP figure represents it with its three mouths open, to better emphasize the oppressive aspect of the beast. An aspect that fits perfectly with the power of an ultimate card that, then, bears its name well. This one, due to the superbness of the card, is then available in metallic and Supersized version. Because it could not be otherwise for a monster of such a scale as the one represented by the Funko POP Blue-Eyed Dragon Ultimate figure.

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (Metallic & Supersized) dans sa boรฎte

Funko POP Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (Metallic & Supersized) figure in its box

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (Metallic & Supersized) unboxed

Funko POP Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (Metallic & Supersized) figure unboxed

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The action figure of Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (Metallic & Supersized), from the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise is a POP which came out in October 2021.
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Action figure Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (Metallic & Supersized)
Item box 1078
UPC Code 889698582223
Manufacturer Funko
Brand Funko POP!
Release date 25 October 2021
Size 15 cm / 6''
Franchise Yu-Gi-Oh!
Character Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon
Licence 4K Media Inc.
Category POP! Animation
Status ๐Ÿ‘ Available
Features Metallic

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