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While the Kimera Ants, chimeric ants with human DNA in their genetic makeup, had become quite threatening to Man in their own right, the Queen, while she was to father a supreme king, gave birth beforehand to those who would be her devoted servants: the royal guards.

Neferupitou, from his nickname "Pitou", was the first royal guard to be born. It is worth noting that her name comes from a book by Martine, whose three dogs were named Pitou, Pouf and Yupi respectively, the three nicknames of the royal guards. Neferupitou appears to be a Kimera Ant with cat DNA if we trust his ears, his eyes, his claws and his playful temperament. For as macabre as this monster with relatively feminine features may be, his jovial aspect, rarely concerned by what surrounds him, makes him somehow more sadistic. This sadism will be explicitly emphasized in the manga when Pitou, looking for the thrill of the fight, will go as far as confronting Kite in order to attack him by surprise. An attack stealthy and powerful enough to kill the unfortunate Hunter. Pitou, after his victory, will use the corpse of his victim to turn it into a zombie articulated only by his reflexes and use it as a training "toy".

Pitou, although particularly casual, will be a major asset for the king. It is to Pitou that we owe the propagation of the Nen among the Kimera Ants, thus strengthening them accordingly. And it is to Pitou and his Hatsu that the king will entrust the heavy task to look after Komugi after the first events of the attack of the palace. Pitou, then, will try to temporize as well as possible while Gon, furious and eager for a bloody revenge, will press him to finish his care.

After having made Gon believe in the illusory possibility of healing Kite, Pitou, having moved far enough away from the palace, will try to drag Gon in a trap to eliminate him. However, the fight turned to his disadvantage as Gon, in a fit of desperation, sacrificed his existence and offered himself to the worst torments in order to gain power and annihilate Pitou, whose remains were only a few pieces of lint. Despite his light-hearted nature, Pitou's last efforts were directed at protecting the king and Komugi, attesting to his perfect devotion.

The Funko POP figure of Pitou represents him sitting cross-legged, with one index finger raised, looking pensive. This posture which is the one of the Pitou figurine is actually the one that the royal guard will like to take when he, because of the size of his En, was in charge of watching the surroundings of the palace. Acting as a radar, Pitou was then frustrated to never be able to leave his post while he was eager to fight all those who were busy in the distance to cause their loss.

Thus, the Funko POP of Pitou captures this childish side of the character. The POP figure honors this royal guard by representing him in his most emblematic posture. A seemingly innocent posture behind which were hidden heaps of horrors.

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The action figure of Pitou, from the Hunter x Hunter franchise is a POP which will come out in May 2022.
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About this action figure ✔

Action figure Pitou
UPC Code 889698668460
Manufacturer Funko
Brand Funko POP!
Release date 19 May 2022
Size 10 cm / 3.75''
Franchise Hunter x Hunter
Character Pitou
Event Funkoween 2022
Licence VIZ Media, LLC
Category POP! Animation
Status 🤞 Coming soon
Features Exclusive

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