Discover tha action figures POP! Rides

The Funko POP Rides figures are special figurines featuring a character accompanied by a "vehicle", which makes the POP very original and often even more faithful to the film, series or video game!

The vehicles featured are very varied, to the point that it is difficult to talk about "vehicles". Thus, you can find cars (like Kitt from K2000 or the Delorean from Back to the Future), but also trains (the Hogwarts Express cars in Harry Potter) planes, motorcycles (Dary in The Walking Dead or Deadpool on his scooter), go-karts (especially the one from Crash Bandicoot), boats with Moana, etc...

The other wrinkles that can hardly be described as POPs with "vehicles" often involve animals. This is the case of the POP figures in Game of Thrones where the characters ride a dragon, but also of Gandalf on Gwaihir or Hercules in Disney on the back of Pegasus.

If these miniatures are beautiful by their details and sizes (often 2 to 3 times the size of a normal POP miniature), they are unfortunately also much more expensive and hard to find because they are produced in smaller series...

The Funko POP! Rides action figures

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