Discover tha action figures POP! Bloody

Bloody figurines are figurines where we see traces of blood (more or less large ...). They are similar to their classic version with wounds and blood marks as a differentiator.

These figurines are a nod to the series, film or video game reminiscent of scenes where the character was covered in blood. In general, it is rather collections that lend themselves to it (no Disney bloodied for the moment ...) with more or less violent themes.

The Funko POP! Bloody are extremely rare, which makes them also much more expensive ... For the same figurine, its price can easily reach 10 times the price of its classic version if it is in bloody version ...

Among the collections that offer the most famous POP Bloody, you will find The Walking Dead, John Wick, Star Wars as well as horror films like Chucky or tributes to cult movie scenes with Braveheart or Pulp Fiction.

The Funko POP! Bloody action figures

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