Among the most popular licenses for Funko POP fans, we can of course find the "fundamentals" on which the origins of POP figures are based, from Star Wars to Disney, including Marvel and DC superheroes, and not forgetting (more recently) the "heavyweights" of animation such as One Piece, Naruto or Pokémon. But these last few days, it's a completely different license and a POP figure in particular that is making the counters go wild: that of a TV series whose latest season is a hit!

Most wanted Funko POP right now

The most wanted Funko POP license of the moment

A few clues to find out what license it is: it's a Netflix series, it takes place in the small town of Hawkins and it immerses us in the atmosphere of the 80s and its geek pop culture. Did you find it? Obviously, it is Stranger Things.

The series launched in 2016 on Netflix has just closed its fourth season and it has won the unanimity of fans. Results, there is a mad rush for POP figurines drawn from the characters of the series, and even more so from this last season.

With the success of the series, Funko naturally proposed POP figures with the effigy of Stranger Things. But it must be said that the marriage works perfectly because all the ingredients are there: endearing characters, outfits worthy of the 80s and monsters that lend themselves perfectly to the exercise.

In total, there are no less than 111 Stranger Things POP figures (to date) in the collection. Each season has been successful, since apart from season 4, there are about 30 figures per season. If Funko continues this trend, we will naturally see new POP figures of season 4 coming soon...

UPDATE: New wave of Funko POP Stranger Things Season 4 with 11 new figures, bringing to 122 the number of POP of the series.

Among all the Stranger Things POPs, one of them is currently making the search counters go wild and unfortunately for fans, it is particularly hard to find. But do you know which one?

Top 3 Stranger Things characters that are POPified

Stranger Things characters Top 3 in Funko POP

Do you know which characters of the series have been the most popified? Between the main characters, those who disappear before the end of a season and the secondary characters who sometimes turn out to be rich in surprise, Funko has reserved us some surprises in this TOP of Stranger Things POP.

No surprise for the top of the ranking: it's Eleven who easily takes the golden award with no less than 21 figures to her credit. We find her in different scenes and the POPs faithfully recall the evolution of the character: from the young girl with a shaved head who has just escaped from the laboratory to the beautiful teenager who is learning to rediscover life.

The second most popular character is one of the boys of the little band, but not necessarily the one we would have thought of immediately. If Mike is the leader of the little group and if Will is at the center of the plot of the first season, it is Dustin who wins the vote with a total of 13 figures to his credit. Indeed, if Dustin seems to be a little more geeky and a little less courageous than his companions, he quickly reveals himself to be a hilarious and endearing character, winning a real fan club in the process. Dustin's Funko POPs pay homage to him since he is often seen wearing one of his iconic caps or in outfits reminiscent of mythical scenes: the prom, the field hockey outfit to capture Dart, the summer camp t-shirt, etc.

Finally, the third place goes to young Will with a total of 9 POP figures. At the heart of the first season's plot, Funko naturally declined Will's POPs in the real world and the upside down world, making him one of the characters in the series with the most POPs.

They are at the bottom of the ranking but could well climb on the podium soon: Sheriff Hopper and Steve who have respectively 8 and 7 POPs, and continue to occupy an important place in the series to the point that we can easily imagine them joining the Top 3...

UPDATE: With 11 new POPs recently unveiled by Funko, the number of figures has changed a bit but the ranking remains unchanged!

The most wanted POP at the moment

Most wanted Funko POP right now : Eddie Munson from Stranger Things

Contrary to the ranking of the most popular characters of the series, we realize that they are not the most sought after. Obviously, it is the season 4 that unleashes the passions and questions and this is felt in the searches of Stranger Things POP figures... The highest scores of the moment go on the POPs from this season and more particularly the brand new character: Eddie Munson...

Far ahead of the other POPs with a search volume 10 times higher, the most searched character in Funko POP is Eddie. To date, there is only one POP of Eddie Munson but it perfectly represents the rebellious teenager with his Dungeons and Dragons club t-shirt and his electric guitar !

UPDATE: Despite a new wave of POP announced by Funko, still only one Eddie Munson figure...

The rarest Stranger Things POPs

Rarest Stranger Things Funko POP

Although the Eddie POP is the most sought after at the moment, it is a "classic" figure but distributed exclusively by Target. Other POPs from the Funko POP Stranger Things set are also in high demand:

  • The Deluxe Set which recreates the Byers' living room, recreated with the garlands on the wall that allow Joyce and Will to communicate. The set assembles into 2x2 POPs, recreating the real world and the upside down world;
  • Supersized POPs of monsters like the 10" (25cm) version of the Demogorgon;
  • A "Black Light" set (which will certainly have more POPs in the future) where the characters are represented with "flashy" colors that react to black light. Currently, only three characters are available in these versions: Eleven, Dustin and the Demogorgon;
  • The 8-Bits POPs, a nice tribute to the "geek" spirit of the series where we already find a good declination of the POPs from season 1 with the four boys, Eleven and Barbara.

What can we expect next?

Fans are already well served since the set already counts no less than 111 POP figures, with a balanced distribution for each season of the series broadcast on Netflix! Nevertheless, with such a success, fans can hope to continue to see new items. Here, some ideas of what we would love to see for the Funko POP Stanger Things collection. You never know, if the Funko teams are reading us...

A Stranger Things advent calendar?

It would surely be one of the most beautiful surprises for the fans of the series, and it is frankly not at all improbable. Indeed, Funko has the habit of proposing advent calendars on big names (Harry Potter, Pokémon, etc.) but each year leaves room for something new and last year we had an advent calendar of the series The Office, so why not a Stranger Things calendar for this year?

Especially since everything is ready since Funko usually declines the existing POPs in mini POPs to discover in the calendar boxes. With more than a hundred POPs on the 4 seasons of Stranger Things, it won't be difficult to identify 24 of them for the calendar!

More POPs of the "Eddie" phenomenon?

With only one figure featuring the brand new character introduced in Season 4, and a Target exclusive at that, it's not an easy task to get Eddie's POP from Stranger Things... But given the number of fans looking to get it, it's safe to assume that Funko will soon be offering new Eddie Munson POPs.

Assemble" sets

Funko proposes only one "Assemble" (a set of POPs that can be assembled to reform a scene, a place, etc.), and it is the one of the Byers' living room with the garlands on the wall in 2x2 POPs: two POPs in the "real" world, and two POPs in the upside down world. It is therefore too little for our taste and there again the potential is present to propose different assemblies from each season, the opportunity to recall the best moments of the series.

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