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Published on 24 April 2021 by Ugo

Wave of Falcon and the Winter Soldier POPs

The Marvel Universe series is a resounding success on Disney+ and Funko is offering a new wave of figurines featuring the main characters as the episodes are released... There will only be 6 episodes, so we are probably nearing the end of the announcements for the Falcon and the Winter Soldier POPs.

For this new announcement, a total of 6 POP figures have been unveiled, we discover the characters in outfits that recall their evolution during the last episodes. We find naturally Sam Wilson as Captain America in a costume straight from Waganda while the superhero proudly displays the shield of Steve Rogers in no less than 3 POPs!

Among the other announcements, we find a POP of the U.S. Agent (#815), of the Winter Soldier in Zone 73 (#813) or the POP of John F. Walker (#811).

These 6 POPs close the season of Falcon and the Winter Soldier in style!

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