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Published on 07 June 2023 by William

Trailer Park Boys character available in Funko POP

Trailer Park Boys is THE Canadian comedy series that has captured the hearts of fans with its unique humor and eccentric characters. Launched in 2001, the series is set primarily in Sunnyvale's mobile home park, featuring the adventures and misadventures of Ricky, Julian and Bubbles.

The series follows these endearing characters as they try to make their fortune, avoid jail time and deal with the park's problems... Wacky scripts, hilarious dialogue and improvisational acting make "Trailer Park Boys" a unique and entertaining viewing experience.

For these first Trailer Park Boys POPs, Funko has chosen to restrict its cast to the three main characters, although the series also owes its success to colorful secondary characters, such as park supervisor Jim Lahey and his sidekick Randy, and other eccentric residents!

This new set includes three POP figurines featuring the main characters:

First of all, there's Ricky - played by Robb Wells - who's notoriously outspoken. He's often involved in illegal activities, but despite his shortcomings, he has a big heart and cares deeply for his family and friends. Funko opted for the most faithful POP with Ricky smoking a cigarette while holding his pistol in his hand.

Next up is Julian (played by John Paul Tremblay), reputed to be the "brains" of the band. Obsessed with getting rich, he often finds unorthodox ways of achieving his goals. On this POP figure, we find him holding his glass of Rum and Coke (which couldn't be more true to the character!).

Finally, the last POP is Bubbles. The character is played by Mike Smith and is particularly adored by fans. With his thick glasses and buck teeth, Bubbles is very different from his companions. He does his best to maintain a certain stability in their chaotic lives...

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