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Published on 12 December 2023 by William

Three new POPs from Home Alone

It's one of the most popular Christmas movies of all time, and Christmas is just around the corner... Coincidence? Funko has just unveiled new POP figures from the film, and they're just great. Some clues: a young boy, left alone by his family on a trip abroad? Burglars as ill-intentioned as they are stupid? YES! This is definitely Home Alone.

Funko has already offered POP figurines based on the film, including a POP of young Kévin and a duo pack of the two burglars who are decidedly inseparable... More recently, Funko even used the Home Alone movie for a sublime inaugural POP Deluxe Moment featuring one of the film's mythical scenes with Kévin at the top of the stairs knocking down the two burglars with his clever traps.

This new announcement is in a different register, as Funko is returning to more classic figurines, although they're also perfect for a nod to the film. No matter which figurine you choose, you'll be instantly reminded of the scenes in question!

Let's start with the new Kévin POP figurine from Home Alone. The young boy, played by Macaulay Culkin, is on his knees, clenching his fist to celebrate a victory over the two burglars. Kevin McCallister is perfectly recognizable with his mischievous look, blond hair and clothes probably inherited from his older brothers... Funko chose to immortalize him as he has (again) just given the two thieves a hard time, determined to take advantage of the McCallister family's vacation to rob their home.

The two burglars are the other two characters chosen by Funko for this new wave of 2023 Mommy Missed the Plane POPs. First, Harry, the duo's "mastermind", is literally garlanded with a Christmas tree garland. His partner, Marv, is also a prisoner, wrapped up in a large gift bow.

As hilarious as they are faithful to the film, these new POP figurines from Mommy Missed the Plane are available this month, the perfect opportunity to add a little "Christmas movie" touch to your collection!

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