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Published on 03 October 2023 by Juliette

This series, considered one of the best of the decade, comes to POP

This series marked an entire decade between 2013 and 2023. Six thrilling seasons, 36 episodes in all, during which we followed with pleasure and suspense the adventures of the Peaky Blinders gang led by Thomas Shelby.

Funko has now turned its attention (much to our delight) to the Peaky Blinders series, and has just unveiled a comprehensive set of 8 figurines featuring the series' main characters. Enough for fans to add Birmingham's most notorious gangsters to their shelves!

Depicting the Shelby family at the head of a criminal empire, the crime series embodies a unique blend of British working-class ideals and sophisticated, down-to-earth charm, and immerses us completely in this post-World War I world.

Among the characters cast in this Funko POP Peaky Blinders collection are :

  • Ada Thorne, Arthur Shelby's daughter and only daughter of the Shelby siblings. She's the main character in Peaky Blinders, even though she wasn't originally involved in the gang;
  • Alfred Solomons, known as "Alfie", is a Jewish gang leader from London with a reputation for violence. He's not known for his loyalty, except to money;
  • Arthur Shelby, the eldest son of Arthur Shelby Sr. and a mainstay of the Peaky Blinders, despite his addiction problems. He is Thomas's faithful right-hand man when the latter needs him;
  • Michael Gray is Polly's son (although he was taken from her at an early age and raised by an adoptive mother) and the Shelbys' cousin. He became a member of the Peaky Blinders at the age of 17, starting out on the "respectable" side of the family business...
  • Elizabeth Pollyanna, known as "Polly" Gray, is the matriarch of the Shelby family and took over the family business when her brothers were drafted during the war. She still puts her stamp on the running of the business, and brings order to family quarrels with authority;
  • Thomas Shelby is the leader of the Birmingham criminal gang, and is involved in politics, although he retains control of the family empire. He epitomizes the charismatic, ruthless leader, even though he is greatly tormented by the demons of his past...
  • John Shelby: impulsive, hot-tempered and often reckless, John uses expedient methods to try to exist within the Shelby siblings. Between his love of his family and his personal ambition, the character evolves enormously over the seasons.

The complete set, including the "Chase" version of Thomas Shelby, is the perfect way to gather the Peaky Blinders on your shelves. They're all there, each represented in the outfits and attitudes we discover them in the series, and with Funko's attention to detail.

Led by talented actors including Cillian Murphy in the role of Thomas Shelby, but also Tom Hardy, Paddy Considine, Adrien Brody and Aidan Gillen, the series is one of the biggest successes of recent years, despite its very particular universe. The sixth season of Peaky Blinders reached an incredible audience record, and Funko is making no mistake in offering POPs from the series.

If season 6 is over and the plot has not been fully resolved, it would seem that Peaky Blinders will not be getting a new season. The series is well and truly over BUT, a film produced by Steven Knight (one of the series' creators) is currently in the works, and could put the finishing touches to the Shelby criminal empire...

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