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Published on 18 July 2021 by Ugo

The first POPs of the new animated series What If... ? (Marvel)

The series What If... ? will be broadcasted on August 11th on Disney+ and is getting more and more expected. To make Marvel fans wait, Funko has just revealed the very first POPs of the characters that we will be able to see evolving in these alternate realities!

In this animated series, Uatu the Great Observer is the witness of different scenarios straight from the MCU, totally mixing the cards and the superheroes. Imagine that the super serum was not injected to Steve Rogers, that Yondu took T'Challa to make him a pest or that Erik Killmonger is Black Panther?

For this announcement, it's a flood of POPs unveiled by Funko with no less than 11 POPs What if... ? Captain Carter, T'Challa (in several POPs, including some in the Star-Lord costume), Gamora, Doctor Strange, or Killmonger are there!

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